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I Hate my Laptop, But I Still Use it, Here's Why

I Hate my Laptop
If you watched my videos on Netisia Channel, I'm sure you heard me many times when I said "I hate this Computer" especially in Tutorials and How-to videos, yes I hate it for many reasons the main reason is it's very slow.
Anyone in my place will sell or throw his laptop and buy a new one, but not me, and I have some reasons why I hate it but I'm keeping it and still use it.

It's true that Money is one of reasons, it's the reasons "Number one" but I'll not talk about money and those things, because you don't like to read my bored stories.

I need to Focus on Netisia

My problem is I can't focus on one thing especially on Blogging. 
I open my browser, I wait 5 minutes until the browser respond, I open a new tab, then I click on facebook- blogger- google and other sites, I spend the half of the day on facebook without writing anything on the blog and the second half on thinking what should I write, then I release that I loose the whole day.

Also, I like gaming, and if I download games I will forget blogging FOREVER!, but guess what?! my laptop can't run games! I install Counter Strike 1.6 but it's lagging!!.
The positive part here, is now I can focus on Blogging and growing Netisia, because as you know, Netisia until now is not very popular or a known blog so I need to grow it, write posts (a lot of posts) and get more visitors and audience. And I will never do this if Got a Gamer PC.

So until now, I think I'm okay, and I can wait on my low Laptop until Netisia become the most popular blog on the internet, and I'm sure you'll help me.

In the reality, playing video games, sleeping and watching TV will make you loose a lot of time while you can focus on something can give you money. 
It's true that I can make millions of $$ playing video games (but if I was PewDiePie). 

Another problem is my brothers, I have two brothers who like video games but I'm lucky because my laptop can't run games, so I can use it ALONE!!.
And if I buy an Alienware or a Razer Laptop, I will not get any chance to write a Word on Netisia: This is the BRIGHT SIDE.

Also, You know that a fast, strong laptop is expensive, right? were should I get the money to buy a $2000 laptop? from Blogging. 
Always have a goal you want to achieve. My goal is creating the best and the most popular, when I do it, then I can be relaxed and buy whatever I want, because I know that I have a big audience that will return always to read my new post.
Today, just 1% of Netisia visitors back again to read my posts and 99% of them leave forever, so I need to take this seriously, yes seriously it's not games time, it's hard work time.

My problem is I have plans but I don't apply any of the plans, so imagine if I got a faster laptop!! 

  1. I will focus just on Playing Video Games
  2. I will not have any goals to achieve
  3. My brothers will want to download games on it and I will not get any chance to write posts on Netisia


Having a big gaming or tech setup is not always a positive point, because this will keep you focusing just on Playing and doing what will not make you successful.
Having what you want, and buying everything will make you think that working and doing something that can become a business is without any benefits, and You will not have any reason why you should work or earn money, because you don't need money, your parents will buy You everything.

While, if you see peoples who have what you don't have will give you a push to forward and inspire you to become successful and create something that can change your life. Like how Netisia will change my Life one day, I believe in this.

It's true that this post contain a lot of my personal stories that maybe you're not interested in reading it, but these stories contain a lot of lessons that you can learn to know that life is not just buying and getting what you want, it's how to become Successful.

If you have anything to add, don't forget to leave a comment below.
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