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Does the Selfie Phone is a Good Idea from Microsoft? What's the Real Problem

nokia lumia 730 selfie phone
Leaked photo for the Nokia Lumia 730
A Smartphone with 5 megapixel front facing camera!, is this is a good idea from Microsoft? 
It's true that "Selfies" are very popular these days and according to Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai 93 million selfies are taken everyday day on Android phones (The question here is how he knows this) so the company may have some plans for those who're addicted to taking Selfies.

According to some leaked photos on Windows Phone Central the Selfie-Phone which will be called Nokia Lumia 730 will come with 4.7-inch display, and the super feature: 5MP front-facing camera.
Also it's expected that the Lumia 730 will run Microsoft's new firmware update, known as Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 (or maybe update 2) and it will be called "Debian Red" which will be released in November.

Personally I think that Microsoft is doing some tests and Marketing strategies to find which is the ideal Nokia phone for Smartphones Market. The main reason for this is to Save the Lumia Series and find out what peoples really want in a smartphone and how to make peoples buy a Nokia phone in place of Samsung or Apple smartphones.

In the past period Microsoft has released the Lumia 635 which didn't contain a front-facing camera while it contains all the popular features that peoples want to see in a smartphone. The phone didn't succeed like the company want so this time they want to focus on the lacked feature: the front-facing camera.
Microsoft this time focus on testing another part in its Lumia series so they will reveal the selfie phone which is the 5 megapixel front facing camera.

The Real Problem

In the reality peoples love what Microsoft is doing BUT! the question is why Lumia phones are not very Successful while it contains a lot of amazing features? 
I will answer in two words: "Windows Phone".

I'm sure that if Microsoft release a new operating system for its smartphone it will succeed. The Biggest problem with Microsoft is they want to oblige you to love their Windows Phone and they're doing the same thing with windows 8 and windows 8.1
The company got a lot of negative feedbacks from Windows users that they hate the Metro Screen and they want the Start Menu again but even when the 8.1 update has been released We were very surprised that the company didn't remove the Metro Screen and the Start Menu still Missed.

That's why a lot of Peoples were obliged to install 3rd party programs like the Star8 to get back the Start Menu. And Make sure that if there's any other alternative in Computer world peoples will move to it, but Microsoft is very lucky because Windows is the only choice for standard users.

In the other hands in Smartphones Market, peoples have many amazing OSs like IOS, Android, Firefox OS and others that can replace and be much better than the Windows Phone OS.


In the reality Microsoft don't need to release a selfie phone or a phone without front-facing camera, they just need to create a completely new OS, maybe the Windows Phone 9.

The Selfie phone will not get the awaited success because peoples want to buy a smartphone that can used for everything and work extremely fine, not just to take selfie photos. We can take selfies with the rear camera, it's not a problem, and not everyone is addicted to taking Selfies to buy a special smartphone for this.

[img Credit: Windows Phone Central]
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