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How Can Apple Make its Next iPhone 7 The Best between Smartphones

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OK, We saw the announcement of the iPhone 6 at 2014 Apple Keynote, we saw its release and of course we watched the reviews and impressions online.
But the question is: "Can we say that Apple did well with its iPhone 6?"

In the reality the new smartphone got a lot of feedbacks and of course a lot of Buzz in the last weeks and it will get more, believe me.

Some users like it, while others hate it. And we know that Haters are everywhere.
But can we say that the bigger iPhone 6 is the killer smartphone in the market, and it's the 1#Top smartphone in the world?.

Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 and Note 4 Edge, HTC One M8, Moto X, LG G3 and Xperia Z3... All these smartphones will compete the iPhone 6 for the 1st place in this world. So we have 1 IOS VS 10s of Android phones. WHO'S THE WINNERRRR!!.

OK, we can say that the result is the same. While some android phones has stronger processor, more RAM, better camera.. but Apple's last iPhone can fight them.
So Our question now is, How can apple build its next iPhone 7 The Killer smartphone in the world, unbeatable and the winner.

In the reality peoples have standards to buy a new smartphone, I mean not everyone like to change his phone every year, that's why they want to buy the perfect smartphone in the market. And of these standards we have the Brand, design, Camera (rear and front), and Speed.


According to the last statistics more than 80% of peoples will buy a smartphone from a popular brand, even if they found a better smartphone from unknown brand.
So we have Apple, Samsung and Nokia, the most popular brands that control smartphones and tech market, these companies have chance to get 80% more sales from peoples who buy just from popular companies, and this is the main reason why the iPhone, Galaxy are in the top sales between tens and hundreds of smartphones.

Let's back to our topic, in this point apple has more advantage to get sales especially we know that the company has the most popular smartphone name in the world.

OK, let's take a close example to make it clear.
  1. Apple announced its big iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at September 9th 2014
  2. Apple make the two iPhones 6 available for Pre-order
  3. After 3 or 4 days thousands of peoples in front of the Apple Stores to get their new big iPhones.
  4. The Foxconn Factory is building 554,000 iPhones 6 everyday for the amazing number of customers
All these numbers confirm how much peoples trust apple and they know that the company will release the best smartphone FOR THEM.
So as a conclusion we can say that Apple has 10/10 on Brand name, and they don't need to make their company better or more popular and this will be an advantage for its next products especially the iPhone 7.


One of the disadvantages that personally I've seen in the iPhone, is the small number of pixels. All of us now that apple didn't add any pixels to its iPhone cameras since the iPhone 4S which become 8 megapixel instead of 5 megapixel in the iPhone 4.

galaxy s5 vs Xperia z2 vs lumia 1020 camera comparison

In the reality it was expected that apple will upgrade its camera to 10 megapixel or even 13 MP (according to past rumors) but We were surprised when Tim Cook said that the camera still 8 megapixel with some improvements.

OK, let's be honest, even with the competitors like the Galaxy S5 (16 MP), The Xperia Z2 (20.7 MP), and of course the Lumia 1020 (41 MP) the iPhone still take a little bit better photos especially in colors and light absorption (but not in clarity).
And as an example let's take a look in the photo below which is a man in movement and it's a comparison between the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5. You can notice that the photo taken by the iPhone is better even with the 8 megapixel difference between the two phones.
(the iPhone 6 camera comparisons is not yet published)
iPhone 5s vs samsung galaxy s5 camera comparison

So the number of difference is not always the best way to increase image quality, but cameras need to be developed to absorb the ideal quantity of light to get the best photos (companies must learn from apple this technology).

So imagine if we combine apple's developments and more pixels?
The only result that We'll got is the best smartphone camera in the world, maybe We'll see it in the iPhone 7.
OK, what apple need to do with the iPhone 7 is doing like every year, adding more workers and buying more photographing companies. Not just this, but this time Apple need to put these technologies in more pixels. Believe me it will be the best EVER.
iphone 5s vs iphone 6 camera comparison

We don't care about the Thickest Smartphone

What I've noticed about apple in the last years is they focus on making its new iPhones thinner at the expense of power and performance. OK, listen apple "WE DON'T CARE"
More than 80% of users don't care too much about the thickest smartphone in the market, I mean did you never see someone who's going to buy the thickest smartphone? of course NO.

It's true that we care about thickness, but not too much, no one want to buy a smartphone that has 2 or 3mm of thickness, and if you want the reality, the thickness of the iPhone 5S and 6 is more than enough for a smartphone.
So in the next year with the release of the iPhone 7, apple must focus on more important things, just keep the same thickness or if the technologies that will be added in the iPhone 7 require more space, we don't have a problem if they increase the thickness their smartphone.

We Need Something New

Do you remember the first iPhone? when Steve Jobs announce it and show it to the world for the first time in 2007?.
Yes it was good days, and what make the first iPhones surprised for peoples is that apple come with something new, a smartphone with super power and super performance that can change everything in that time, A SMARTPHONE FROM THE FUTURE.

And this is one of the main reasons that make the iPhone 3G the best seller smartphone in the History.
Since that time, apple keep announcing and building iPhones with the same technologies, same parts, just some improvements and small changes. So we can say that the creativity and innovation has gone with Steve Jobs, nothing new, no new technologies, nothing from the future.

WE DON'T CARE about heart rate, and those health apps, WE DON'T care about TouchID, WE DON'T CARE about those technologies from the past.
We want something new, a new technology like the touch screens, like SIRI,...
I really miss the days were companies want just to make its users happy and give them the best products and the best best best experience.
If we be honest, Apple want just to make a smartphone that bring millions of dollars, this is the 1st priority.

I know that apple fans will not like this but it's the reality, I'm an apple fan, I have an iPhone, and I didn't never own an android smartphones, all my smartphones were iPhones, but THIS IS THE REALITY.
The company must change this mentality if they want to continue and stay at the 1st rank between smartphone companies, even if all companies have the same idea.

The iPhone 7 must be built to make users the best smartphone experience ever not to be the 1st earning source for apple.
Not everyone can buy an expensive smartphone, peoples want to own an iPhone, but they don't have enough money to buy it cause of its price, some of them don't have even what to eat, but they love technologies and smartphones, what should they do?, even if you're a lover or a hater you can't deny that the price of the iPhone and all the smartphones is expensive

iPhones and all smartphones in general are becoming more expensive year per year, so we can expect that one day you'll buy a smartphone with $2000 and owning a new smartphone will be just for riches.
Someone really must change this. And we hope that apple change it with the iPhone 7
So we can say that the killer secret to make the iPhone 7 the best smartphone in the world is a new technology from the future that don't exist in any other smartphone.

More Power

OK, I was very edgy in the last points, so I will take a pause.
Let's talk about power. One of reasons that make peoples surprised (or shocked) is the small number of improvements in the hardware of iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 is Provided with A8 processor 64-bit, BUT if we write it as a CPU name and power? it will become 1.4GHz Dual-Core processor comparing to 1.3GHz in the iPhone 5S (just 0.1GHz of improvements), comparing to other competitors like the Galaxy S5 which is 2.5GHz Quad-core processor it's very far.

The company said the iPhone 6 CPU and graphic performances will be faster than last year's models, so it's better to wait the benchmark and full performances reviews.
Also, Apple is stuck in the 1GB of RAM which is too small for a 2014 smartphone from apple, while other smartphones got 2GB (galaxy S5) and 3GB of RAM (like the galaxy Note 3 and 4).

So as a conclusion, we can say that the iPhone 7 need more ram to be the best smartphone in the market, maybe passing from 1GB to 3GB which is not impossible for apple and moving from dual-core to quad-core will make a huge difference.

A new Design

Even if you're an apple fan or hater, you can never say that apple products = Elegance.
But the same design from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6 will reduce the beauty of the phone, I don't said that apple never change anything in the design, but these small changes will not make a big difference. 

To be honest, We want a completely new design, You want more? We want more elegance, More? We want a Skin back design.
The Galaxy Note 3 look like a skin design (while it's plastic) but imagine the iPhone 7 with a back skin design in place of metal, it will give the phone more elegance.

Maybe this idea will not be beautiful with the already front design of the iPhone so apple must do something to change the front design to be appropriate with the new materials.


The IOS 8 is available for everyone just from few days, it's true that apple provide its new OS with many amazing features but these features need 5GB of free space so if you have 16GB smartphone you'll get just 11GB.

OK guys, let's be honest, We're bored of the same Home Screen from the first iPhone, just take a look in IOS home screens you'll find that You were using your phone in the same way, the same interface from the first IOS. it's true that the IOS 7 has changed a lot, but just icons, we hoped to use our iPhones in a difference way, we want a new iPhone interface but it seems we need to wait one more year.
ios interface revolution

Hey Apple, You need to Ask Your Fans

I've never see a company that ask its fans or customers what they want in a smartphone, what are the technologies, the ideal size of the phone, power, camera...

No one can decide which is the best smartphone in the world except users, so if companies ask their users about their needs, choices and especially their ideas, We will live in the future of the future of smartphones.
But the problem is everyone is doing what they want and put the technologies they want without asking anyone.

The secret of a successful company is knowing what users want, ask them, and give them what they need in the product.
The only think that will make the iPhone 7 the best smartphone EVER, is giving users what they want.
The internet is full of iPhone concepts and rumors, especially on YouTube, We've seen a lot of amazing videos of iPhone 6 concepts even better than the original one.


Everything has a final word.
It's true that I have an iPhone, but saying the truth is always the best, and being an apple fan doesn't mean that the company don't have negatives.
The last iPhones which are the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus were a happy surprise for some peoples while others don't like it, especially cause of performance (processor and Ram).
This post is not to say that Apple is the worst company in the world (no one can say this) but I like to give my opinions and ideas maybe Tim Cook read the post while surfing Netisia (LOL).
Like every September from every year, apple announce a new model of its popular smartphones, and every year we're hoping to see the best smartphone (or at least a better iPhone than the previous model). 
The iPhone 6 has a lot of amazing features, and specs to compete the big brands like the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, but I'm sure that Apple can do better, maybe we'll see the power of Apple in the iPhone 7.

If you have anything to add, don't forget to leave a comment below (without spamming) and of course if you enjoy the post share it with your friends.
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