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15 New Amazing Tricks Your iPhone 6 Could Do

iPhone 6 tricks
Apple finally announced its first iPhone phablet and call it "iPhone 6 Plus" which come with 5.5-inch display and its 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with thicker design and some other features.
The new iPhones was a good and happy surprise for many peoples while others think that apple didn't do well with these new smartphones especially that the company didn't build a phone with extremely new features, with this I mean features don't exist in other smartphones (like the screen, camera, thick..).

However, this is not our topic today. Let me ask You a question, did You know that the iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) can do many amazing tricks that any of the previous iPhones could do?, it was very hard to collect this list of tricks especially We know that the iPhone 6 is still on Pre-order and it's not available in markets Yet.
But maybe I'll update the post with more tricks when the phone released, some of the tricks listed below can be used just on the iPhone 6 Plus while others can be used in the most of iPhone models.

1- You Can use it Horizontally

iPhone 6 plus horizontal

Using an Apple Device horizontally was just for iPads or using a Jailbreak tool in the iPhone. But because the iPhone 6 Plus is the first phablet in Apple's history, the company bring this trick to users to help them (and especially those who were using the small iPhones) to better and easier use the new iPhone.
This trick is available just on the iPhone 6 Plus (the 5.5-inch model), and you need just to tilt the phone to use it horizontally.

2- Can Take Better Photos in Dark Places
iPhone 6 camera

Taking photos in dark place was a problem for many years, and apple was one of companies that try to make their cameras the best in taking clear photos in dark places (or at least reducing noise).
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can now take better photos thanks to the improved camera which still 8 megapixel (but apple said it's now better).

3- You can Send Voice Messages
iphone voice message

This trick can be used on all Apple devices running IOS 8 starting from iPhone 4s to the latest model. this trick allow you to send voice messages just by holding the microphone icon in the iMessage (or any other messaging app), say what you want, then click send.

4- You Can use it with One Hand (One-Hand Mode)
iPhone 6 plus one hand mode

One of the problems that make peoples (especially apple users) hate big screens is because they will not be able to use the phone with one hand.
Apple think about its old users and bring a new feature called "One Hand Mode" which allow you to use the iPhone 6 Plus (and I think the iPhone 6 also) to use it with one hand.
To turn on the One-Hand Mode just double touch on the Home Button.

5- Your iPhone will know What You'll write
ios 8 keyboard

One of the new tricks that will come with the IOS 8 is the developed Keyboard which can learn your writing style, then it will guess what you'll write next to help you write faster.

6- Turn ON Plane Mode for x2 charging
ios 7 plane mode

This is one of the old tricks that work for all iPhone models (from the first iPhone ever) and iPads, but still working until now.
Enabling the Plane mode will allow you to charge your iPhone faster in less time, so it can be the best trick when you don't have enough time for 100% charging.

7- Use Maps while Offline
how to use google maps offline

Before leaving your home (when you still have internet access), open Google Maps then move to the map you want to save, click on the Bar Search and type "ok maps" and the map will be cached for offline use.
This trick can be a good choice while travelling where you don't have internet access and you need to use GPS.

8- Swipe from Left to Right in the Calculator to Remove one Character
delete one character in iphone calculator

One of the problems when you use calculator on iPhone is when you accidentally a character so you'll be obliged to write all the number again.
To avoid this and to remove just one character just swipe from Left to Right.

9- Turn on Guided Access When your child is using the iPad
iphone guided access

If your children want to use your iPhone or iPad and you're worrying if they buy something from the app store, or delete important files from your iDevice just go to Settings --> Accessibility --> Guided Access --> Turn ON.
So your children will be able just to use one app or more (you can choose this) by clicking 3 times on Home Button when you're running that app.

10- Use Bluetooth Keyboards on your iPhone
iphone bluetooth keyboard

If you want to add an external Keyboard to your iPhone, you do it with any Bluetooth Keyboard like the apple keyboard (that come with the iMac).

11- Pay and Purchase anything
iphone 6 apple pay

Apple announced one of its amazing features at the 2014 Apple Keynote, which is a new payment method called "Apple Pay".
The new feature will be available soon when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be available in markets and it will be an alternative to your credit card, so you'll pay and purchase anything using your iPhone.
Apple pay will be compatible with the iPhone 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 plus.

12- Use the Apple Watch with the iPhone
apple watch

The iWatch, or like the company call it "Apple Watch" will be compatible with the iPhone 5S,5C, 6 and 6 Plus so you can send photos and track health...

13- The iPhone 6 Can track You're Cycling, running or Walking

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are provided with M8 motion which has the ability to track if the user is cycling, running or walking.
This trick will be used in health apps in the last iPhone models.
14- Watch photos as Panorama

15- Do Calls using WiFi
iphone wifi calling

The new feature will allow you to do WiFi calls, but the problem is you can use it just in places where WiFi is enabled while there are other alternative apps.

The iPhone 6, 6 Plus in addition to the previous models has a lot of tricks that can make many users addictive to their iPhones and never think to buy an Android phone.
So if you enjoy these tricks like the post and share it with your friends, and of course don't forget to leave a comment below with your favorite trick.

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