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What are the next big changes in technology in the next decade? [infographic]

virtual reality world
We've seen a lot of amazing technologies and changes in the world in the last decade, from smartphones, to 4G internet connections, to Smart cars and smart homes.
We've seen phones with touch screens, Voice assistance, super computers and amazing data storage.

When Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone for the first time, everyone was excited to try this amazing new device that was a device from the future!. Since that time companies were competing to add more technologies and make consumers surprised and excited to try their devices.
No one can say that technology didn't change our life forever, and no one can say that we can live without technologies especially with the big developments in the last 10 years.

We can expect more, and we can expect more than we expect.
In this infographic We'll talk about the next big changes in technologies in the next decade, it's true that we can't mention everything but I'll write what I can and then you leave a comment below (using blogger comments or Disqus) and give some ideas about the future technologies.

Click on the infographic to read it in full size

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After 10 or 20 years, humans will create and discover many new technologies to develop this small world and make its life easier.
And this is a list of changes that I expect to be present in the future.

  • Internet of Things
  • Bendable Devices
  • 5G, 6G and 7G Internet
  • More Data Storage in Little Devices
  • No Facebook Addiction
  • Internet will be Available for Free
  • SSD will Replace HDD for More Speed
  • Genius Phones will Replace Smart Phones
  • Online Stores will Replace Regular Stores
  • Everyone will Work and Make Money Online
  • Virtual Reality World: No one will Go Out
  • Completely New Technology

This my list, and my infographic, if you like it share the post with your friends and of course don't leave before you write a comment below with what are the technologies that will be present in the next decade and that will make our life easier.
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