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Happy Birthday Google!

google birthday logo
From a small garage near a small home, to the biggest company in the world. This is the story of Google in one sentence. Today, Saturday, September 27th, 2014 is Google's Birthday which is the birthday number 16 and for this Google change the logo (as every special day) of its website with a Doodle to tell the world "Hey it's Google's birthday, We're now 16 years old".

Google was created for the first time by Larry Page and Sergueï Brin in 1998, California, in that time it was just a small project and no one expect that one day this small idea from two teens will change the world and make the life of millions of peoples easier and more developed.
When the name "Google" come to the world for the first time, some peoples encourage Larry and Serguei while others don't care of the idea, and I'm sure that the peoples who didn't care in that time can't live without using Google.

One of the most frequent asked questions about the company is the name, if you read it, maybe You'll not find any meaning, but in the reality the word "Google" come from a Math Term called "Googol" which mean the number "1" with one-hundred Zeros (10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) this is the meaning of Googol.
And according to some websites, the company was called "Googol" in its first days and the name "Google" was a mistake in writing the name so the founders decided to keep the new name for the company and call it "Google

Google as a Search engine is the most popular and the most used website in the world, also it's a popular name under many programs, websites, Operating Systems..etc
Android, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Street View, Gmail, Nexus..etc all these names are controlled by this big company.

All these 16 years changed a lot in the world, so without making this post too long, let's say "Happy Birthday Google!!".

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