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5 Things You Probably Don't Know about the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, IOS 8, A8 processor.. We know all these information and we read it everywhere on Tech Blogs. But I'm sure that you're interested to read about things that "Probably" you Don't know in Apple's upcoming Smartphone.

I did a research online to check out what peoples know and what they want to know, or what they don't want to see in the iPhone 6, I collect some information and find out that some information still unknown for many readers "AND YOU MAY BE ONE OF THEM!!".

So in this new post on Netisia
, I will not tell you that the iPhone 6 release date will be in 9th September because you know this, and I will not talk about the bigger screen, or the rumors because I'm sure that you're bored of these information everywhere and on every tech blog.

In this post You'll read new things and new information about: 

5 Things You Probably Don't Know about the iPhone 6

1#- The iPhone 6 will Not be a Super Smartphone

Reports and leaks about Apple's upcoming smartphone are everywhere, which make many peoples think that this is the smartphone of the future. In the reality the iPhone 6 will be just a bigger iPhone with the regular improvements apple did with its past iPhone models (faster, lighter..).
So don't expect to see something unnatural at Apple's event in the next days (9th September), 

To be honest the most of changes you'll see in the iPhone 6 are 

  • A bigger and higher resolution Screen (but not the best between other smartphones)
  • A faster A8 Processor (but not Super fast)
  • A Curved Design 
  • Improved Camera
  • More Storage (128 GB, But still no MicroSD Card)
  • IOS 8
So You can notice that some of the new features that will be present in the iPhone 6 are already available in the other Smartphones, and others are better but not too much (I mean 2 or 3 seconds faster, who Care!!).
When Apple released the iPhone 5S it comes with a Fingerprint Sensor "Touch ID", which make a lot of peoples think that this is the best smartphone ever (even if this technology is already available).

BUT, with the iPhone 6 the new tech that will be present is the bigger screen which will be for the first time in Apple's history 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen size.
So no "Super Features" or new technologies.. just bigger screen and some improvements that don't require that much of energy from You.

2#- You may Pay more Than $1000 for an iPhone 6

If you think that Apple will release a bigger smartphone with the same price, You must think again and again.
The iPhone 4S price was more expensive than the iPhone 4, the 5 more than 5S and the 6 will be more expensive than the 5S, THIS IS THE RULE!. In the reality a bigger screen, improved camera, a 2K screen can't be for free you must pay more. But the question is HOW MUCH!!!?.

 According to Cult of Mac (Via Movilzona), the iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch display will cost users €750 which mean almost $1000 ($984.937), and the 5.5-inch display model will cost €950 ($1250!).

if these information are true we can say that this is the most expensive smartphone in Apple's history and believe me, it will be a big problem for Apple.. You'll remember this post after the company announce the sales of its new phone. Even if it's provided with a bigger screen or more pixels companies must have limits in price, who will buy a $1250 smartphone!. This is one of the reasons I still keeping my iPhone 4S.

Oh, Wait.. I forget to mention that the prices above are for the 16GB Models.. So you can imagine the rest ;)

3#- iPhone 6 May get A Protruding Camera

Apple didn't provide any of its iPhone or iPad models with a Protruding camera, so we can say that this is one of the new features that will be found in the iPhone 6.
In the reality a Protruding camera can be positive by helping the company to make its new smartphone thinner or MAYBE increase the image quality, and at the same time it can be negative because the camera now can easily be scratched, and also it can effect the elegance of the phone.

The Protruding camera can make adding 3rd party cameras to the iPhone 6 much easier. This is not a surprise because we saw a lot of uses like using the iPhone as a Sniper scope or adding a high resolution or a Zoom camera to the iPhone lens which are available on Olloclip and they're very known from a long time.

According to Apple Insider, Apple got a patent for its iPhone Camera to support interchangeable lenses, so we can expect that the company will create also iPhone lens and sold it on its Store. This step will make apple earn Photographers Hearts.

4#- The A8 Processor Will Not be Made by Samsung!!

For a long time, Samsung was the producer of Apple Ax Processors, but it seems that cause of problems between the two companies, apple decided to move the production of its A8 processor from Samsung to TSMC which is now the exclusive manufacture of Apple's next processors.

You can imagine the difference between the past and the present for Samsung (I mean in revenues), the company loose one of the biggest companies in the world which mean a loose of revenues with at least 1 billion Dollars and maybe more.

We will see the difference between the A8 processor produced by TSMC and the other A-series processors produced by Samsung, then we can know who loose, Apple or Samsung. 
It's true that Samsung got an amazing deal by manufacturing Apple's processor, and Apple got also an amazing deals by getting one of the most popular smartphone companies to manufacture its processors. 

So I think that both companies loose themselves. We will see if TSMC is the best alternative to Samsung or it was a bad choice. What we know is that TSMC is the manufacture of Qualcom and Mediatek so it can do what Samsung was doing or even better.

5#- iPhone 6 Battery Will Live Longer

A larger and higher resolution screen, improved camera and all these features need a larger battery that can live longer than in the iPhone 5S.

According to some reports on Mac Rumors, the 4.7-inch model will get 2100 mAh battery. Also a Leaked picture for a 2915 mAh battery make us think that it will be for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 especially with the latest rumors that say the same thing.

So, these are the 5 things that you probably don't know about the iPhone 6, before you leave don't forget to share this post on twitter, facebook and Google+, also leave a comment below with your favorite information in this post.

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