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Top 10 Weekly Tech News Around The Web

Top 10 Weekly Tech News Around The Web
As I promised you in a previous post about The New Netisia, I will publish a weekly post about the Top 10 tech news around the web. And As I said it will be around the world and from all the blogs and websites not just from Netisia.

10#. 3 Months in Jail For Leaking Window 8 Trade and Microsoft Secrets

Tens of secret information are leaked everyday from different companies (iPhone 6 leaks, iWatch Leaks, Galaxy S6 leaks...) but it seems that this leaker is not lucky like the others.
Alex Kibkalo the Microsoft employee will stay 3 Months in Jail with paying $100 fee for leaking Microsoft's secrets and Windows 8 Trade.
Source: Netisia

9#. This Glove Makes You Beethoven

In the reality, this title -which is published on Techcrunch- is not what you understand because those gloves will not make you like Beethoven just by wearing it.
These gloves are created by  "Thad Starner" will improve your skills faster than training and trying with yourself.
The remarkable thing is that those studied in the injury actually pick up skills faster if they don’t think about it. It’s an idea called Passive Haptic Learning (PHL). If you’ve ever been a dancer or played guitar you know you’re better when you just move to the rhythm instead of thinking about what you are doing. Starner says it’s kinda like that.
Source: TechCrunch  

8#. Apple Testing iWatch With NBA Star Kobe Bryant
Everyone is waiting for Apple's iWatch which will be released this fall, and I think that You know that the company will focus on User's health. New reports claims that Apple will choose some athletes to test its upcoming iWatch.
Top players from U.S. professional sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), are testing the device's "fitness capabilities in intense training environments," according to 9to5Mac.
Kob Bryant and Dustin Brown are between the Athletes who will get the chance to test the iWatch. This step can be a good Marketing Strategy for Apple for 2 reasons:

  1. Testing the iWatch by popular athletes will make peoples trust that this device is the best to control their health. So it will be their first choice when they will buy a smartwatch (Especially if those athletes give a positive opinion about it)
  2.  Lovers will buy the iWatch when they see their favorite athlete wear it (Believe me, making a popular person test a product is the best marketing strategy for any company).

 Source: Mashable

7#. Samsung to launch Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O

After the Galaxy Gear, it seems that Samsung is planning to release the next smartwatch but this time running Android Wear at Google I/O. Android Wear is a modified version of Google's popular OS "Android" for wearable devices.
No one (Except Samsung) know too much about the new smartwatch, but the company said:
"committed to relentless innovation and new products are always in development."
So I think we will see a big competition between Samsung's New Smartwatch and the iWatch
Who's the Winner!!

Source: Cnet

6#. Yo Gets Hacked

Yo. Simply, this app just let you send the word "Yo" to your contacts, if it's the first time your read about this app I'm sure that you don't like it or you think it's a stupid Idea.
But in the reality this app (which is released on April) got an amazing popularity on the App Store and Google Play.
Or Arbel the Co founder of "Yo" said
"It's a new way to get lightweight, non-intrusive notifications. We are here to cut through the noise. We like to call it context-based messaging."
But the popularity of this app didn't stay too much, you know why? because it's hacked.
@YoAppStatus shared on their Twitter account

Source: Mashable

5#. Amazon Fire Phone Features And Specs

Amazon has recently released its amazing smartphone called "The Fire Phone" with a lot of 3D features. The new smartphone got a lot of positive impressions from users so we can say that Amazon has a bright future in Smartphones Market.
The fire Phone is provided with 4.7-inch display, 13MP Camera with Optical image stabilisation, 2.2GHz processor with 2GB of ram.

Read: Top 10 features in the New Amazon Fire Phone

4#. Report: Apple’s wearable device will come in multiple designs, screen sizes

Circular design?, square design? big screen? or small screen?, normal screen? or curved screen?, I think all this is true. According to Gigaom Apple will release its new iWatch in different designs and screen sizes. If you didn't release iWatch's rumors are the most contradictory rumors, and all of them will be true. These information are not officially confirmed but we can wait until this fall

Source: Gigaom

3#. Hackers Take Down World Cup Site in Brazil

Since the World Cup started, the popular group of hacking known as "Anonymous" are planning to do something to defend Poverty, Corruption and police brutality especially you know that the most of channels (if not all) oblige you to "Pay" to watch the World Cup (which is not fair for peoples who don't enough money to eat).
The first step to defend poverty is hacking the World Cup Site in Brazil, and peoples are waiting for the second step from Anonymous

Source: Bits NYTimes

2#. Here are the first photos of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6′s purported display part

I think that apple don't have anything to hide from peoples, almost all the iPhone 6 are leaked. And in new photos shared by 9to5Mac shows 5.5-inch display which is according to the source for the iPhone 6.

iphone 6 screen

Source: 9to5Mac

1#. The First Wireless Charging Trousers! But Just for Lumia Phones

I'm sure that in the future a new technology will replace the old charging methods, and why not charging by putting your smartphone in your pocked!, you think it's impossible? think again.
In the reality A.sauvage the British designer created what I like to call it "Smart Trousers", but until now only Nokia Lumia users can use these trousers which allow you to charge your Lumia just by putting it in your pocket.

Source: Netisia

What is your favorite tech news, share your opinion in a comment below :)
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