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Best 10 Features in the New Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon's first smartphone "The Fire Phone" finally see the lights. I must say that the company did an amazing job with its first smartphone especially with its new features that will help the phone find a sit in a smartphones world dominated by Apple and Samsung
If you're searching for a new experience with your next phone, I advice you to read the best 10 features that you will find in the new Amazon Fire Phone, but before I start I want you to know that the most of these features are just on Amazon's new smartphone, so you will not find it in any other phone, not in the iPhone, not in the Galaxy, and not in HTC One.

1. 3D Dynamic Perspective

I'm sure that this phone will be known as "The 3D Phone". Amazon add a lot of 3D features to its Fire Phone, and the Dynamic Perspective is one of those features.
With the 3D Dynamic Perspective you will be able to see things in different angles, it's amazing and I will explain for you, for example

  • When you open Google Map, you will be able to see buildings in different angles just by moving your head to the right or to the left. So you will be like turning around that building with a helicopter.
  • A second example, When you want to buy a dress from Amazon this new phone will allow you to turn that dress and watch it in different angles like it's between your hands, so you can watch all the details, from all the directions just by moving your head.
Amazing Huh?, if you asking how this feature work keep reading because I explain this in the 6th point.

2. Firefly

Did  you imagine that one day you will be able to buy something from internet just by taking a photo in real life?. The firefly feature make that possible and it's one of the features available just on Amazon Fire Phone.
The new phone has a button on its side, that will enable the Firefly feature, after this just point the camera of your phone on any book, number, magazine, video and even TV shows and music, Firefly will detect the product name and a new window of Amazon Store will be opened to buy that product.
You will do all this in some seconds, anytime, anywhere, and with over 100 million products shopping with the Fire Phone made funny.

3. 13MP Camera with Optical image Stabilization 

It's rare to find a smartphone from unknown smartphone company with a good camera. But as a first smartphone the camera of the Fire Phone can compete the Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S and the others.
The 13MP rear camera on this phone has an optical image stabilization will make photos taken by this phone clearer and lighter.

4. Unlimited space for Your Photos on Amazon Cloud Drive

You think 64GB is not enough for storing your big number of photos? Amazon has the solution, if you buy its new Fire Phone you will get a big deal, what is it?, An Unlimited Space for storing your photos on the Amazon Cloud Drive for FREE!.
Hey Google drive, Hi Apple Cloud, Whats app?.

5. Buying from Amazon is Easier

With the Firefly app you can buy anything from amazon within 3 seconds. Also can you tell me, is there any phone to buy from amazon better than a phone made by amazon?
You like a book that you watched on the TV? just launch the Firefly app and focus the camera on the cover of this book to see if t's available on amazon.

6. Four Steriovision Front Facing Cameras

For the first time in Smartphones Market, Amazon provide its new mobile with 4 steriovision front facing cameras but this time not for taking selfies.
In the reality everything 3D in this phone is from those four cameras, they track your head movements and according to the direction and the position of your head, your photos will move, even the Lock screen will move (watch the video below).
The best part here is that Amazon open the way to third-party developers to do what they want by creating games, developing the 4 cameras for their apps..etc, so 3D gaming on the Fire Phone is a new amazing experience that everyone will love.

If you focus on the phone photo you will notice that those 4 cameras are located in the 4 corners of the phone+ 1 camera in the center of the phone, it's the normal front facing camera. Did you know what is the best part? they work also in the dark.
Taking front facing  photos system on this phone is better and more advanced than your phone, it takes 120-degree photos, while your phone 72-degree photos. Hi, can you phone do this ? LOL.

7. Take a Look on your Apps without opening it

The Fire Phone has a special interface with an improved apps carousel that can give you a look to any app without fully open it. For example 
  • you can delete any email without fully opening the Emailing app.
  • View your last taken photos without opening the Photos app
  • view notes without opening the notes app
  • take a look on your last tab on google chrome without launching the app

8. MayDay

When you have a problem with your smartphone, what you will do? buy for someone to fix it, right?, this is not including Amazon's Fire phone users. The company did a good step to earn users heart with releasing what they called "MayDay" in the last year with the Kindle Fire HDX.
If it's the first time you hear about it, MayDay feature is a 7/24 customer support for amazon users, but the new today is this feature now available also on the Fire Phone not just the Kindle Fire HDX.

9. Everything is 3D

The company want to come with something new this day, and by the new in this smartphone I mean the 3D Technology which is present almost in everything on the Fire Phone. This tech allow the phone to display some elements (photos, buildings..) like a hologram.
Even the Lockscreen is 3D

10. Amazon Appstore

This time there's no App store, or Google play, there's just the Amazon Appstore!!. Because the Fire phone is running "Fire OS" which is a modified version of Android (Modified by Amazon).
It's noted that the Amazon Appstore contain 219,000 free&paid apps, so users will not face lack of games or applications, but they may not find their favorite apps because the Amazon Appstore is not popular enough like its Competitors, which mean that not all the developers will focus on it (Until now, there's no YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat on the Amazon Appstore). 

Amazon Fire Phone release date will be July 25th 2014 but it's available for pre-order on its official website Amazon. The new smartphone will be available at $199 with two years of contract AT&T.
If you miss the official announcement of the Fire Phone by Amazon you can watch it on this video

We can see a good feature for amazon in smartphones market.

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