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3 Months in Jail For Leaking Window 8 Trade and Microsoft Secrets

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Leakers... Leakers Everywhere, but this it seems that this leaker is not lucky like others that's why he got 3 months in prison and $100 fine cause of leaking Windows 8 trade secrets.
In the reality the man who leak these information is an employee at Microsoft called Alex Kibkalo. He steals the Code of ARM device version of Windows 8 and as you know stealing or Leaking any information from the company is forbidden in all the companies (Microsoft, Samsung, Apple..) but this doesn't stop peoples from giving companies secrets to other bloggers to share it on their blogs.

For me it's the first time I read about a leaker who enter jail for leaking tech information especially with the big number of daily leaks on the internet about iPhone 6 leaks, Galaxy S6 leaks, a leaked phone, a leaked OS.. .

The FBI said that Alex leaked Pre-Release for Windows RT and a Microsoft-Internal Activation Secret SDK to a French Blogger.
At that point, Microsoft launched its own internal investigation and searched the Hotmail account to find the blogger and his source. ArsTechnica said
But the question is Why Alex Kibkalo is the Only arrested Leaker, Hundreds of tech information are leaked everyday why he is the only arrested?, There's a secret here.

So why you think Alex Kibkalo is arrested? why peoples who leak apple and Samsung (and Microsoft) information don't get punished, I want to know your opinion (in a comment below).
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