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Google Domains is Google's New Godaddy Alternative

google domains registration service
For a long time, Godaddy was the most popular Domain registration service between all the other services. But What if.... What if the most popular search engine (Google) want to create an alternative.. or maybe more: The best Domain registration Service!. 

In the reality this is what happen, Google revealed today its new Beta version of its Domain Registration service called: "Google Domains". The service is not officially published because it still in progress (Beta version).

Why Google Launch its Domain Registration Service?

google domainsAs you know, Google never do anything without doing its researches, right?. It's true, and according to Google's research 55% of Small Businesses (for example beginner bloggers, affiliate marketers, peoples who blog just for fun...etc) don't have a domain name, so it will be very profitable to attract those peoples and make them buy from the Google Domains. 
The company want to help peoples without websites and encourage them to buy from its new service. How?

How Google can Create an Alternative to Godaddy

As a new idea, Google need to come with something new to make "Google Domains" the best alternative to Godaddy which is very popular between all website owners.

  • Maybe they will make buying a domain name cheaper than Godaddy and other domain services
  • Maybe they will give the first 1000 peoples free domain names
  • Maybe they will provide peoples with free tools they need in their businesses
  • Maybe they will help you build your online presence 
  • Maybe they will help you make money with your new website
Who know!.
While Google Domains won’t include hosting, website building providers SquarespaceWix,Weebly and Shopify have signed on as partners. Via: The Next Web
Personally, I think that it's not a good idea not to include hosting service with buying a new domain name like Godaddy and a lot of Domain registration services do. But this give me another idea, maybe google will relate Blogger with its new service and replace Godaddy (When you want to buy a domain name from Blogger dashboard you will do it from Godaddy).

Godaddy VS Google Domains Features

google domains features

  1. Additional Costs on private registration: Google: NO / Godaddy: YES
  2. Domain Emails: Google: 100 emails / Godaddy: 5 and 10
  3. Speed and security: No information
  4. Sub Domains: Google: 100 / Godaddy: No information
  5. Support: Google: Yes / Godaddy: Yes
  6. New Domain Endings: Google: Yes / Godaddy: Yes
  7. Additional Website Building Costs: Google: YES / Godaddy: YES
So what do you think about Google's new domain registration service? will you buy from it? and do you think it can be an alternative to Godaddy?, share your opinion in a comment below.

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