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The New Netisia is Here: Discover what new in the Blog

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As I Share recently on Netisia's facebook page:
I don't know when I will stop changing the Blog template
It's true, since I create this blog I changed the template more than 10 times, but I hope this is the last time. Today I made a lot of new updates and changes on the blog, so keep reading to discover what new on Netisia.

1. A New Template

netisia blog

In the beginning Netisia was with a black design, then green, then yellow, then red, and finally Yellow again (it's this template) and I think that this will be the last and the official color of the blog.
Why I choose this template?

  1. As you know Netisia is multiple categories blog (tech news, leaks, discussions, reviews, and today I added a new category called "How To & Tutorials) so the best way to keep you updated with the last posts in each category is a magazine template.
  2. This is a responsive Template
  3. Elegant, beautiful and easy to use

2. A New Blogging Style

When I created Netisia, I choose to talk just about Tech News, leaks and those things, but after writing more than 150 posts, I realized that this topic is not good for the communication between me and you and it was very late to delete the blog and start again with a new blog (It's not easy to write 150 posts then delete everything and start again). I saw the big blogs receive a lot of traffic and comments but they don't reply to their visitors (and I noted that there is a lack of communication with their visitors). 
Those blogs also contain a lot of writers that's why they write +20 post per day on their blogs, but on Netisia it's different, I'm the only writer here.
I'm Alone in "Blogging War"
 But I will succeed.
The new style in the blog is based on the communication with users so you will notice in the next posts in the blog that the boring writing style has been changed to make you an important part in the post.
So please help me by sharing the new posts on social media and giving your opinion in a comment.
Netisia also has changed from: Netisia - Latest daily tech news, leaks and rumors to Netisia - Everything in Tech World.

3. Commenting is now easier

The commenting system on Netisia is Disqus, but if you don't like it or you want to participate with your friends in the discussion, there is a second method which is the facebook comment box.

disqus facebook comment

4. More fun on Facebook

netisia on facebook

In the past I was using the fb page just for sharing the new posts, but now this is changed.
You will notice now that I'm sharing funny photos (about tech topic), asking for your opinion, discussing with you, tech videos, new innovations.. etc. So Netisia facebook page will be more than for sharing the last blog posts.

5. A weekly post about the best Tech Deals

In the beginning I was confused between writing weekly tech deals on Netisia or creating a new blog about tech deals.
In the beginning I though that creating a new blog about the best tech deals will be better and I did it, but after changing Netisia's template which contain 5 categories I decided to write weekly post about the best tech deals.
Read: Today's Best Amazon Deals on Netisia: 16/03/2014

6. A weekly post about Best IOS and Android Apps

Believe or not, I received this idea from my Mind in this moment (just now), and I think that it's a good idea. In the beginning I will start just with IOS apps because I have an iPhone 4S and no one in the family has an android smartphone, but maybe in the upcoming posts I will find a way to write also about the best android apps.
What do you think about the idea???

7. A weekly post about the top 10 tech news and leaks around the web

If you don't know I already wrote about the "top 10 tech news this week" but the news that I wrote about are just from this blog.
But in the next top 10 post I will write about the best tech news on Netisia and outside Netisia (in the other blogs) so I will chose the best news with integrity.
Read: Netisia's Top Tech News: What happened in Tech World this week

8. How To& Tutorials category

What I noticed in my previous blog is the most popular posts are the How To posts especially if I do it with a video then upload it to YouTube. So stay tuned with the best new and professional tutorials in the next day.
And if you have any suggestion or problem with your computer (just PC because I don't have a Mac computer), you can send me an email to thenetisia[at]

9. High Quality Content

Tech world is very updated, but many of tech news are boring for many peoples and they will not care about it, so since the next posts I will just write about the important tech news, leaks and rumors to give you the best content that you care about.

10. How can you help me?

Doing all this alone is very hard, but don't worry I enjoy this, and to succeed in giving you high quality content I need your help.

  • If you like a post you can like it and why not, share it with your friends. Also don't forget to give me your opinions or additions in a comment below.
  • If you like a post and you want to talk about the same topic on your blog, link to my post from your blog.
I don't think that it's difficult for you :)
Can you start now? write in a comment bellow what do you think about the new changes in Netisia, what is the best update you like and if you have any addition I will be happy to read it from You.

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