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The First Wireless Charging Trousers! But Just for Lumia Phones

The First Wireless Charging Trousers! But Just for Lumia Phones
We read about Wireless charging, charging with sun lights, charging with special cases.. but who think that you will be able to charge your phone with your trousers!?. Yes it's the Smart Trousers Technology, but still just for Lumia smartphones.

The wireless charging trousers are created by the British designer "A.Sauvage" for London Collection known as "Modern Man". What I like in this technology, is the simplicity, because you will not do anything to charge your Lumia phone with your trousers, "Just Put It in Your Pocket", so the battery life problems while travelling or when you're away from home will never be a problem in the future because your battery will be always charged, the most important is it's in your pocket. Cool isn't it ?.

The new smart trousers technology will be a good marketing strategy for Microsoft and its Lumia smartphones, especially that it work just on Lumia. And Adam Johnson, Marketing Director for Microsoft Mobile will confirm what I said:
We have a proud history of working within fashion, having previously collaborated with Bruce Weber and David Bailey, as well as recent partnerships at New York and London Fashion Week.
wireless charging trousers

 Marketing their Lumia phones with the new Trousers technology will not be very hard, because in addition to the wireless charging those trousers are fashion so peoples will like it, or it's better to say men will like it (because until now the Women collection is not yet available), so women have two choices:

  1. The first one is waiting until A.Sauvage design women collection
  2. Wear the Men collection (who will notice something, LOL).
a.sauvage smart trousers

How to Buy it

As I said the smart trousers are not officially released but it will be available for pre-Order on Amazon store (when they're available for pre-order I will update this post with the link to amazon store).

But You still can Win A.Sauvage smart trousers for Free

Nokia, give you a chance to win those trousers for free, how to do it? see the twitter window below

Source: Nokia 
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