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What Are the most important Features that peoples want Before buying a smartphone?

What Are the most important Features that peoples want Before buying a smartphone?
With the different smartphone companies such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia etc.. and the different platforms like Android and IOS.. peoples may be confused about the best smartphone they should buy, so I asked some of these peoples about the most important features they want in a smartphone before they buy it.
Most of peoples has common opinions about "The smartphone of dreams", so this is what I got:

The smartphone should be strong

By 'strong' I mean that it never shutdown or crash. This is one of the most important things that peoples want in their new smartphone, I mean if they buy a new smartphone with 600$ or more then it crash and shutdown so this will be money wasting and the company will get a bad name so the most important thing here for any company is to build a phone that bear all the conditions.


This is not strange because the most of peoples judges the smartphone from his design that's why many peoples like the iPhone and the other iDevice, I don't mean that the iPhone is just a design because I have an iPhone 4S and also no one can deny the achievements of Apple with this device but the truth is Apple products has the most beautiful designs that's why many peoples buy it without even knowing its features.
But we can't say that the design only can convince peoples to buy this smartphone.

Performances and Features 

The experience of Apple with the iPhone 5C prove that the design is not everything, and as there are many peoples who choose the smartphone just from its colors and appearance, there are also a bigger number of users who search for performances and what this smartphone can give them (the new features), and this is what make many users vote for the iPhone 5C as the worst product of the Year, I mean if you ask yourself "what did Apple change ??" the answer will be "just the design", Oh sorry if forget, Apple add a "C" to the "5"
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Battery Life

This is one of the most important features in any smartphone, I'm sure that you don't like to charge your smartphone two times a day especially if you like playing games. I remember when I buy an iPhone 3GS sometimes I was obliged to charge it 3 times a day.


Any phone is designed to travel with you, that's why the camera today has become an important feature in any smartphone. When I asked peoples about what they want in the smartphone before they buy it many of them answered: "The Camera". Peoples don't stay at home and just watch TV but they want to travel and to go to new places and for that they need a camera to take commemorative photos, and I don't think that it's logic to buy a phone with a bad camera especially if travel too much.
Some of peoples care about the front face camera more than the rear one, and the most of this kind of peoples are girls, Why ? To take good Selfies LOL.

Screen Size

If you love watching movies or YouTube videos it's better for you to have a smartphone with a large screen like 5,5-inch, this is the first choice for many users that's why we see that the most of the new smartphone have a large screen and some of them are called "Phablets".
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