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iPhone 6 Cases are Available for Preorder even before its Release

spigen iphone 6 cases
Finally, I can buy a new case for my iPhone 6, now I have just to buy the iPhone 6.
I just want to know why peoples can't wait the release of Apple iPhone 6 to put their cases online for order, We can't even confirm if iPhone 6 past leaks about design, size and thin are true or not.

OK, let's stay in our topic. If you're planning to buy the iPhone 6 I think you'll want to put it in a case especially if you're one of those peoples who dropped their smartphones too much and they're obliged always to repair and change their phone's screen.

Spigen -The Korean mobile accessories company- has announced on its website that peoples can pre-order its new cases collection dedicated for the upcoming iPhone 6. Not just this, the photos in company's website are for iPhone 6 running IOS 8 inside the cases, so it seems that Spigen is very sure that this is the official design of apple's next smartphone. The company design and plan everything based on the Rumors and Leaks.
spigen iphone 6 cases

It's true that a lot of rumors, leaks and especially photos and reports appeared to say that Apple will release two different size version of iPhone 6, one with 4.7-inch display and the other with 5.5-inch display but what make peoples very confident is that the most of leaks focus on the 4.7-inch model a lot more than the 5.5-inch phone and I think this is the main reason Spigen reveal Cases before the release just for the 4.7-inch iPhone.

Until now Spigen has revealed just two models of its cases, the first model is called "iPhone 6 Case Thin Fit" which is available for pre-order with $15 this model is designed especially to make the smartphone more beautiful (not to keep it safe from drops), while the second model "iPhone 6 Ultra Hybrid" which is with $25 is designed to keep the new iPhone safe and make it more solid.
Spigen said that these two models are just the beginning and there's more coming very soon.

Apple will announce its upcoming iPhone 6 at 9th September and until that day we can expect a lot of new products from Spigen and other companies.
So what do you think about Spigen's idea? and if you have anything to say don't forget to leave a comment below.

Via: GSMArena
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