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Windows 9 Start Menu: Leaks, and Why Microsoft Must Return it

windows 9 start menu
The Start Menu was an important feature since windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 especially that it contains the most used and the recent post.
So the Start Menu make our life easier. Then Microsoft release the Windows 8 with a lot of design updates that didn't get enough impressions and positive feedback as Microsoft expect, one of those updates is the start menu which has been replace it with what it's called "The Metro Menu".

In that time, Microsoft got a lot of criticisms from Windows 8 users with asking to return the regular start menu with the next windows update. And because it's Microsoft, it will not give up until proving that this new feature is better than the old Start menu, with the next update which is the Windows 8.1 the company change a little bit the Metro Menu to make it "Maybe" similar with the Start Menu, but users still want the old one.

So our last hope is the Windows 9 which is expected to be released in the Spring of 2015, and in the last period many leaks appear to confirm that Microsoft finally respond and agree to return the Start Menu with Windows 9, and because it's Microsoft  it will come with some updates and changes.

In the past MS Build event, the company reveal a new Start Menu similar to what peoples want in Windows 7, and also with some Metro Design and it will be called "Threshold", but this doesn't mean the disappear of the Metro Menu, it will stay there for who want it.
As you see in this leaked photo, the size of Start Menu is the same but the design is not identical so we can say that this is a reduced Metro Menu.
windows 9 start menu
It's true that the leaked photo labeled as Windows 8.1 Pro, but According to ExtremeTech it's not uncommon to use Alpha build of new operating systems in current Windows version numbers
It's true also that this can be a leaked photo for windows 9, but also it can be an updated version of windows 8 (why not 8.2) especially that Microsoft didn't never mention Windows 9 in its last developers event.

And because these information are just leaks & rumors, we can't confirm anything of this, but let's talk about some reasons why Microsoft must return the Start Menu in the next windows update.

1st Reason: Faster and easier access to everything

The best feature that make Windows one of the most popular operating systems is its simplicity, and the easy access to everything that even 5 years old boy can use it.
And one of these features is the popular Start Menu that make finding any program easier and faster, while in the Metro screen you need to do more steps. And for this let's take an example and compare the two Menus, when you want to find a program called.. (ah, I forget its name what should I do??!) in this situation if you're using the Start Menu you need just to scroll down until you find your program while in the Metro screen you must search the program alphabetically and app by app so this will take a longer time especially if you have many installed programs.

2nd Reason: It's even Better than the Metro Menu

Peoples prefer the Start Menu not because it's a Start Menu, but because it's more useful. Personally I think that showing a menu is better than showing a new screen when I click on Windows button on the keyboard. This is my opinion as a Windows user, what about you?.

3rd Reason: It's Harder to find Programs in the Metro Screen

What I really like in the Start menu is you can find all your recent programs in one place and even if you have a long list of programs it's not a problem but in the Metro screen you must do more steps.
When you want to run a program which is not on your desktop, finding that program in the Start Menu is easier than opening the Metro Screen, accessing to Apps, then find the program, Right?.

4th Reason: The common problem with Low PCs

This point is just for peoples who have Low PCs with low processors, low Rams.. those peoples need a longer time to start using their PCs after the computer boot up, so the solution here is clicking on the Boot button then go do something until Windows run all the necessary programs.
While with the Windows 8 the computer will boot on the Metro Screen not in the desktop so u will be obliged to wait it.

5th Reason: It's for Touch Screen more than Mouse and Keyboard

Microsoft design the Metro screen to be responsive with Touch screen devices, but what about Computers that use just a Keyboard and a Mouse? It's true that the touch screen devices like smartphones tablets and some laptops need this feature but the company mustn't make it for everyone.
According to some leaks Microsoft will solve this problem, so the Windows 9 will be for Touch screen and no-Touch screen devices.

6th Reason: Just Because users want it

Every company want to make its users and customers happy, make the best experience and give them what they want. Hey Microsoft, The most of us want the Start Menu while others want the Metro Screen! what's the solution? create a new option that allow users to choose which feature they want to use.


The most of Windows users find that the old Start Menu is better than the Start Screen (Metro), so we're hoping that these leaks are true. And let me tell you something (especially for MS), I'm sure that if the company bring the start Menu again to Windows 9 (or Win 8.2), the sales of that version will be better than the Windows 8, because a big number of Windows users still on windows 7 just because the 8th version doesn't contain a Start Menu.

And like any post on Netisia, if you have anything to add, feedback, news, leaks.. don't forget to leave a comment below (you have 2 choices blogger or Disqus) and also share the post with your friends.
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