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When the iPhone Become A Sniper Scope

When the iPhone Become A Sniper Scope
img via the video below
When I was searching for new ideas to write about on Netisia, I found an interesting video for the Airsoft War Games Action which is a war between two teams, but the best part is this is not a true war, it's just for fun.

But what make me surprised in this video is when I saw that one of players use his iPhone as a Scope for his Sniper.
Watch the video here (the iPhone appear at 5:30)

After watching this video, you can learn that peoples can make any device work on anything, who imaging that a smartphone can be a sniper scope.
This video is just an example, because other peoples use their phones for more than talking or surfing the net and facebook. You don't need even to buy special accessories to do this the steps are:
Attach an Apple iPhone to a scope, put it onto movie mode and hit record, it's that easy to start filming airsoft games action as you will see from this video.
With this post I'm not telling you to transform your smartphone into a sniper scope or use it in wars, because I watched a lot of other videos for peoples who use their phones for new things.

Also in the past month apple shared a video for the unusual uses for the iPhone 5S, the video is called "You're more powerful than you think" where the company show peoples that its last smartphone can be used in things other smartphones can't do it (it's the idea of Apple's video), so I think that the company must think about adding that its smartphone can be used also as a sniper scope.

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