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iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features
One of the biggest events that tech lovers are waiting for is the release of Apple's next smartphone "the iPhone 6", and as any new product from Apple always there are many rumors and leaks about features and especially its design because users want to know "Will Apple keep the same design as the iPhone 5,5S or a new design is coming to the World".

And because it's Apple peoples can't wait until the release date, so in this post I will try to put all information I've got about what the iPhone 6 can get.

iPhone 6 with a Bigger Screen

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and FeaturesAs you know the most of companies if not all of them release big screen smartphones "except Apple". The company did a research in smartphones market to know what peoples like so the result is 50-50 some of users want to buy a phone with a bigger screen and others prefer that apple keep the same design, and as you know Apple want to get more customers not to lose the old ones that's why an iPhone with 2 screen size is coming very soon.

According to the latest rumors Apple is preparing to release 2 smartphones: the first with 4.7-inch Display, the second 5.5-inch (or 5.7) display (a phablet).

  • The 4.7-inch iPhone: I think that this one is for users who want Apple to keep the small screen size. this version (the small version) will take the place of iPhone 5S so there is a big possibility that the company will stop producing the 5S or one of the past versions to encourage peoples buying the new generation (it's not an official news).
  • The 5.5-inch (or 5.7) version: I'm not sure if the iPhone with a big screen will be 5.5 or 5.7-inch (and no one is sure). But what we can confirm is Apple will access to Phablet Market with this version and will succeed in getting many new customers because many of them say that they will move to apple if a bigger screen version will be released.
This choice wasn't easy for Apple, 
"Consumers want what we don't have."

Better Screen and Less Power Consummation 

If releasing a smartphone with bigger screen is true (and it's) this can be a problem in battery life and power consummation but it seems apple has the solution.
In the past weeks apple bought LuxVue, if this is the first time you know, LuxVue is a company that work on developing a new lightening technology to reduce power consummation.
So Apple can use this to make its screens better, clearer, brighter and save battery life.
LuxVue has many patents in creating brighter and clearer LED Screens with less power consummation, and this technology was close to be for Google and its Google Glass but now it's not expected that Apple will accept this anymore.

This Obsession make me think that the iPhone 6 will be provided with a much better screen than the past generations, so maybe it will be provided with an economical 4K screen or at least with a full HD display.
But According to some rumors Apple will provide the 6th generation of iPhone with a 1080p Display (the two versions) so we can delete the idea of 4K screen from our minds, at least until the iPhone 7.

iPhone 6 Design

The Design!, one of the most things peoples want to know about any smartphone, and one of the most asked questions about this topic is "Does the iPhone 6 has the same design as the past generations?".
No one can confirm anything before the official release date, but we will talk about the last leaked photos about the iPhone 6 design.
According to the last leaks the iPhone 6 can come with a different design to iPhone 5S but with a similar design to the iPod.

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

Also there is a big possibility that the next iPhone will get a completely new design to the past generations.
And one of these big changes is the Power Button will moved to the side of the phone, this is the first time apple decides to change the place of this button, maybe with a bigger screen it will be easier to use it in the side of the phone.
Volume buttons will be redesigned to be like the 5th generation of iPod touch, and iPad mini buttons.
iPhone 6 Release Date, last rumors about design news and Features

Improved camera and Super Clarity

Since the iPhone 4S, Apple didn't optimize the number of pixels it's the same 8Mpx camera, but with the iPhone 6 this can be changed.
In the last period the company got a new patent to optimize the speed of taking photos without making the camera bigger. And according to a report shared on Weibo apple will add 0.25mm to its camera pixels that's mean it will become 1.75mm which allow the iPhone to take photos with better quality in dark places.

In addition to that the camera may get many improvements in the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), this system has started to be used in the iPhone 4S and get improved with each version, so it's expected that this system will work in the best conditions with the 6th generation.

Also if we think about the last patents got by Apple, we can say that the company is preparing to release a Super Camera, with a super image quality.
This technology is based on the EIS to take a specific number of photos and integrate them in one photo to get the best quality ever.
If you follow the last tech news you will say that this is not true because it's already used in the iPhone 5S to take better photos in dark places. This is true but the company is planning to move with this technology to the next level to make photos sharper and better. 
As a conclusion: Apple want to create the best photo quality in the world, even better than photos taken by the 41Mpx camera in Nokia Lumia.


As usual, the processor in the iPhone 6 will be a quad-core "A8", and I think it will be made by Samsung as the "A7,A6...", this is not important for users they just want more power in using and less power in consuming battery.
According to KGI the next iPhone will be provided with a 1GB of RAM like the iPhone 5 and 5S, but NowherePlace said that it will be 2GB of RAM. Personally I don't think that Apple will repeat the same features.
The new smartphone will be able in 16/32/64 GB

Health Care

Of course Apple will not provide its phone with a heart rate sensor like the Galaxy S5, but it's expected that the IOS 8 will be especially for Users Health, so all the health care methods will be in the software and not in the Hardware.
The iPhone 6 will be able to measure your heart rate, Blood Pressure... using integrated apps in the system.


As I said the new iPhone will take care of your Health using his software not Hardware, and one of these Apps is Healthbook.
Read more: IOS 8 Leaks: Screenshots and Apps

There is no much rumors about the IOS 8 until now, except that it will concentrate on users health. But I'm sure that many news will appear in the near future so keep updated with this post.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging in a smartphone start as a rumor that Apple will use it the iPhone 6 but until now there is no reports or official news to confirm this.
It's true that apple got a Patent about Wireless Charging but this didn't make sure that it will be used in the next iPhone maybe in 7th generation

What about Jailbreak?

With every new IOS and new iPhone apple try to make hacking more difficult and we see how many time the IOS 7 jailbreak need to be released.
It's too early to talk about IOS 8 jailbreak but make sure that since the first day of the release of iPhone 6 and IOS 8 Hackers will try to hack it and jailbreak it like the past versions.
Even if it will be hard, make sure that there is no Absolute Security.

iPhone 6 Release Date

This time Apple will change a little bit, the iPhone 6 will not be released at September like the past generations, this is what Economic Daily News said.
So it seems that this year we have two release date for the iPhone, as you know apple will release two versions: 4.7-inch version and 5.5-inch (or 5.7) version, and this time the company is planning to release each one in a separated event.

The first Release will be for the iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch display which will be in August then after some weeks the Phablet version will be released which is almost in September.


Until this moment no one and there is no leaks about the price of any version of the iPhone 6, or if Apple is planning to release a cheap version. Nothing!.

But this post will be updated with every new information about the upcoming smartphone from Apple so keep updated to know the latest rumors about the iPhone 6 and its features.

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