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Don't Know what to Blog About? 7 Websites to find ideas & Topics

Don't Know what to Blog About? 7 Websites to find ideas & Topics
After a long period of blogging, and a long list of amazing and interesting posts, bloggers face a common problem which is the lack of ideas. So they don't know what to blog about and their minds become empty.

In this situation bloggers can't find good ideas to attract more peoples to their blogs, so they take one of these decisions:

  1. Leave Blogging for a While until they find a good Idea
  2. Search on other blogs for good topics 
  3. Write whatever they Got in Mind
OK, this can be a good solution, sometimes, but not always, because blogging and building the best blog need exclusive and high quality content so searching on other blogs and writing the same topic on yours is not the best choice. BUT!, reading on websites in the same niche is an excellent choice to get similar ideas that they may want to cover after you write about it on your blog. This strategy is called Guestographic.

In today's post I will give you the best websites that must be your first choice when your mind is empty and you need hot topics to cover on your blog.


When I say blogs on your niche what do you think? You will say, "How should I take a look on hundreds of blogs everyday??!". Don't worry, for that reason Feedly is here.
After you sign up on this website, choose your niche and you'll find a lot of blogs to follow.
What next? all the posts on followed blogs are in one place so you can stay updated and know when a blog share a new website.
I'm using Feedly everyday to check the latest tech news on the most popular tech blogs.


StumbleUpon is my first choice when I write the weekly Top 10 useful websites on the internet. It's true that stumbling in this website is random, and sometimes you need a lot of time to find a good idea but when you find it, it's the best.


The most popular websites on your niche are in one place. Alltop is a blogs directory where you will find the Top websites and posts on a specific category.
So getting new ideas from the top posts on the internet will help you and give you a better chance to rank on search engines.
NB: You can also add your blog to Alltop, so your blog posts will be shown there.


With 1 Billion users, facebook can be a good choice to get new topics to blog about. You can participate to some groups there and connect with peoples who're interested in the topics you write about.
Also you can find a lot of ideas from the questions and problems of those users, so when you find someone who is asking for help about something related to your blog topic, you can write about it on your blog then send him a link to your post.

By sharing ideas that matter, they not only shine on the Web but also make the Web smarter for everyone.
This is what you'll read on the about page of, in the reality this is a space for bloggers and writers to publish content and share it with the world. is the first source for a lot of peoples and you may want to be one of them, especially if I tell you that you will find a lot of high quality content that you can extract new ideas from it. 


Qoara is big community of peoples who ask anything in any topic you can think about. Here you will find peoples that ask questions about your niche and waiting for a good answer.
Your rule come here, to answer their questions on your blog then give them your post link. Quora is the best choice just for peoples who write about How To tutorials, or blogging problems.

Yahoo Answers

Everyone know Yahoo's popular website for asking and answering questions. But do you never see this website from a different angle?. Peoples questions can give you tens of new topics and ideas that no one write about it. 

For example, someone of Yahoo answers ask: How does one obtain insurance for his company?
If you're writing about insurances this can be a good topic to write about it.
Another exampleHow to reach top page in Google Search Engine?, this is a good topic for SEO bloggers.


Finding new ideas is not that hard, you need just to see the web from a different angle and look where the best bloggers are.
Using these 7 websites will not just help you generating new topics to your blog, but you will get returning visitors, build a strong community and peoples will consider your blog as the first source to find what they want.

If you have anything to add, to say,  feedbacks.. don't forget to leave a comment below
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