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Xbox One's Kinect hacked and it Work on PC

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When Microsoft announced Kinect with its console "Xbox One", peoples were asking if they will be able to use Kinect on their PCs or not. 
Microsoft answer with NO, Kinect will not work on PC (it's just for Console), so it seems that Hackers accept the challenge.

Challenge Accepted 

Finally in the past days hackers won the challenge (and Microsoft loose), and they succeed in hacking the Xbox one Kinect like they did in the past years with Kbox 360 sensor.
Chris Gallizzi shared a video on his YouTube channel showing the world that he succeed in making the Kinect work on PC (and never trust what companies said).

Hackers previously released the Kinect for Windows 2.0 SDK which is already for pre-order (yes it's not free) and it's expected that the necessary tools to run Kinect on PC will be putted for sales very soon on Hyperkin (the 2 hackers work on this website selling consoles accessories).

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via: Engadget
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