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10 Features Companies Must Add to their Future Smartwatches

future smartwatch
It's true that the technology of Smartwatches still new in tech world, but specialists says that Smartwatches will get a brilliant future between users especially if companies add more features that make it worth to buy a smartwatch.

Until now, companies focus especially on user's health that's why the most of released and the next smartwatches has special apps to track users health especially while practicing sports. Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch and all the other smartwatches are designed to give you information about calories burned, heart rate, fitness.. .

But this is not enough, personally I think that tracking my health and the available features and apps are not the best reason to buy a smartwatch, what about You?.
In this post I'll write the 10 features that I want and the most of users want companies to add in the future smartwatches.

1. A Design like Regular Watches

The day I will decide to buy a smartwatch it will be when I want to replace my regular watch not to wear both of them. So I want my new smartwatch to look like any watch that give time but with more features and of course to be smarter.

The problem with the new smartwatches is that it's designed to be a smart wearable device not a wearable watch and with this I mean that companies designers make these smartwatches to be an additional watch not the only watch in your hand.
So the first feature we want to see in the future smartwatches is to look like a normal smart elegant device like the photo below.
future smartwatch
This is the Best smartwatch I see in My Life

2. More Solid

The common point (problem) between all the smart devices it's easy to break. It happen sometimes you drop your normal watch, right? it's okay there's no damage. But this just if you drop a normal device, what about a smartphone? a lot of peoples drop and break their smartphones from the first day they bought it, why? because the glass on the screen is not very solid to withstand falls. 

It's true that companies can't use the same glass used in the past (like in Nokia 3310) because touch screens must be provided with thick and special glass.
The same problem in smartwatches, and I think that your watch is more susceptible to falls and damages than your phone because it's always on your wrist, also you can notice that after a short period your watch glass become scratched while your phone still without any scratches.

So the next smartwatch that I'll buy must be solid and afford damages especially drops (because I play football and do everything wearing my watch, LOL).
Before I pass to the third feature, I want to say that future smartwatches must be designed to be worn in all conditions because I will not remove my watch when I go outside, work, play football, do things outside...

3. Track Children

Companies must think about this feature. In addition to tracking user's health, many parents want to be relaxed when their children are playing outside so to avoid being stressed they can track their children and know where are they, send them a message "Come in, it's time to back to home".

If one of companies like the idea, I suggest to give a special smartwatch for children when someone (a parent) buy a smartwatch. So if you buy a smartwatch you will get a free second smartwatch (which is designed just for children).

4. Moments Tracking and Quick taking photos

One of the best features in Google Glass is the ability to take quick photos and share it online or with your friends just by clicking in a button in the side of the Glass.
This feature which still "404 Not Found" in smartwatches allow you to take quick photos in quick moments that will never happen again.

In the future smartwatches I like to have a feature or an app called "Moment Tracking" (or any other name, no problem) that I can run it when I'm going to an important event or travelling and I want to track every moment there. This app can work on a special camera in the future smartwatches, the app can reduce extra movements to make your moments appear like it's recorded with a professional camera.

With this feature you'll never say "Oh, it was an amazing memories, I wish I have captured some photos or videos in that day", because this app will do everything.
If you're a programmer and you like this idea, you can adopt it and transform it into a new app for smartwatches, don't worry I don't have Copyrights on this idea. 

5. Health Monitor

It's true that all the released smartwatches are provided with some health apps that TRACK users health, but these apps are from the past, we need a new technology from the future.
We don't want a smartwatch that Track our Health, we want a smartwatch that Monitor our health. What if you want to loose weight? I'm sure that you want a smartwatch that give you instructions on how much food you need to eat, what foods to eat, then tell you that you MUST do some sports. This is amazing, isn't it?.

Also if you want to stop smoking, you smartwatch will guide you and tell you what you must do next. So companies must think about Monitoring user's health more than tracking his health, if companies won't add this feature than it's developers role.
If you're a developer you can get this idea too and create an App that guide users to be healthier. I don't have copyrights on this idea too, I'm giving it for free.

6. A Better Battery

Do you want to change your watch battery everyday?, I'm sure you say "No", it's the same thing for smartwatches.
The most of today's smartwatches need to be charged everyday or once per 2 days. Even if once per week, this is not useful for a watch, so companies must provide their smartwatches with a better battery that can stay without charging for a month.

I know that this is difficult, but companies must find a way, maybe a small device that plugged in the smartwatch without removing the watch from your wrist.
I will explain, let's say that your smartwatch need to be charged once per 2 days, it will be very useful to have a small battery that you can plug it in your watch while it's in your wrist, the small battery can be charged like any device. So it's a storage battery (like charging cases).

7. Control your Home

It's the future Guys!, If you read Netisia in the past weeks, maybe you have read about apple's smart Home system (take a look on that post to know what I'm talking about). In the reality it will be better to control you home from your smartwatch in addition to your smartphone.
Close windows, doors, lights and everything with your smartwatch will be easier (You'll feel that you live in the future, in Futurama).

8. We need Touch Screen Alternatives

1.5-inch touch screen display didn't seem useful for many users, so in the future we need an alternative for smartwatches, it will not be very hard because like companies found an alternative to standard buttons (which are the touch screens) they can find an alternative to touch screen.

1.5-inch display is the best size for a watch, but no the best for a touch screen so what about making the size of the display bigger without changing that 1.5 inch?. Do you know Hologram? What if companies provide their smartwatches with the Hologram technology?. So this will display home screen and lock screen in the air which will allow you to make your display bigger (like in the photo below).
smartwatch hologram

9. Fingerprint Sensor

Because it's a smartwatch, it can be stolen or used by strange peoples so the fingerprint sensor will give you a higher security and keep your smartwatch safe.
It's true that we don't need this technology now, because there's no many features and uses for the smartwatch, I mean tracking your health and surfing the net doesn't need a Fingerprint sensor but companies must keep in mind that the watches will be developed and used in many things in the future.

10. We need Something not in Our Smartphones

Some peoples will buy a smartwatch to replace their watches, while others will buy it to be a temporary replacement to their smartphones maybe when it's charging.
But for other peoples this is not enough, I mean smartphones come to replace everything in the world (computer, camera, MP3, MP4, phones, TVs, music, videos, chatting, books, learning, consoles...) while until now smartwatches are not an alternative to anything.

These new devices are just a new technology from Sci-Fi films and Cartoons. While smartwatches in films used to do hundreds of things, smartwatches in real life do what every smartphone can do.
So to attract more customers and users, companies must put a unique feature (Maybe one of the features above) and this new feature mustn't be available in any other smartphone.

These was the 10 features we want to see and companies must add to their future smartphones. I know that I forget some features so before you close the blog write a comment below with the feature that'll You think it can make smartwatches better and if there's good ideas I will write it here.

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