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Futurama is Now 3D: How The World Will Look Like at the Year 3000

Futurama 3D
From the year 1000 to 2014, a lot of tech evolution has been made, new innovations, sciences, high buildings.. . Humans create and discover things no one imagine it in the past, they make everything easier and developed. Everything is Tech.

Who imagined in the past 1000 years that one day peoples will be able to talk to each other without meeting, who thought that we will be able to see our friends in the other side of the world, who thought that we will use cars, who thought that we will be able to fly.. .

And now it's our turn to imagine the future in the next 1000 years, but make sure that we can imagine just 1% of how the world will look like in the next 1000 years.
And for this Alexey Zakharov created a 3D city for the next New York, he call this work Futurama. The 3D Futurama is a project to help peoples who will die before the year 3000 (like you :p) to see how the peoples of the future will live.

Alexey Zakharov is not the first who try to imagine and show peoples how the technology will look like in the future because we saw a lot of concepts in Cartoons but I think he is the first one who show it in 3D.
Futurama 3D focus especially on the Flying cars or like it will be called "Planet Express Ship", we can notice the developed buildings which will be slimmer than the present (like everything today), but the best thing we can see in Zakharov's video is that peoples will move from the ground to the sky.

If you focus on these videos and in the 3 photos below you will notice an amazing thing which is:
Futurama 3D

Futurama 3D

Futurama 3D

You will notice that the Ships used in everyday life are the same used to go to the space, so we can expect that all peoples in the future will be able to travel to another planets.
You can see all the photos here

What do you think about life at the year 3000? leave a comment below with your opinion or anything you want to say.
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