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The Future of Social Media with Virtual Reality Headsets

oculus facebook rift
Technology and social media destroy completely the limits of communications, with an internet connection you can talk to anyone in the other side of the world. But can we go so far?.

With the $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift by facebook, the company open a big door for us to imagine the next projects by facebook to make peoples attached (more than this -_-') to its website.
To make everything clear let's take an example from the history (the near history), for example... let's talk about mobile phones, in the beginning phones was created to allow you to talk to your friends in the other side of the earth, mobile phones then become more useful not just for doing calls:
  • In the beginning it was just for calls
  • then they become also for sending messages
  • then phones become with colors
  • they add camera
  • ....
  • And then they create Smartphones
No one was imagining that one day a mobile phone created just for calls will become for everything, it's the same for the new technology known as Virtual Reality headsets. This tech still in its startup, even if it's designed for the future, so we can also expect that one day we will call it "Smart VR Headsets".

Smartphones was designed for calls then it become for everything, VR Headsets are designed for Gaming then Social Media and I think it will be for more than everything.

Social Media, like facebook and twitter.. are created to make it easy to connect just by using a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection.
This is just now, can human create an alternative to this? Yes, he did, and it's called VR Headsets. In the next points I will try to imagine the future of social media with virtual reality headsets and I hope you help me and add some ideas with your comments.

The ability to See peoples in the VR world
Until now the only way to see peoples in other countries is by using the camera using Skype (and others) but can you imagine that one day you will be able to see them, walk with them, talk with them, drink a coffee or even go to a party with them and all this in the virtual reality world. It's the new Social Media, the Social media of the future.
Companies can do this by developing their headsets and make it support internet (wifi, 3G,4G, LTE.. or a new internet network) so if this happen peoples will not be just connected by internet, they will live together in a new world.

Also, new features in social networks will be available, in facebook (as an example) we will be able to create new virtual reality groups which will be better and more social than the standard groups, in these VR groups you can make it public or private so you'll be able to meet with your friends, create new friends and see them like in the real world.

A new gaming experience
Are you bored of Farmville and the other facebook game invitations? I'm sure you'll be very interested in being inside these games, just imagine that you're inside the game and you're one of players there.
VR headsets can change completely the meaning of gaming experience on facebook, especially for games that need many players to be funny. It will become more funny.
Until now facebook didn't reveal any news about its projects with the Oculus Rift, but we can expect a lot of changes and developers will focus on making their games VR friendly.

See world's event Live (be there)
One of the features social media created to do it, is keeping peoples attached with the latest news in the world, so if something happen in your country you can post it on facebook or tweet it on twitter and all the world will be able to read it and know what happen there.
But with VR technology, all the world will be in the place of event, they will be able to move, talk, see what happen like they live in that country. So news will be more interested and closer to the reality.
If this happen you can post on facebook or tweet on tweeter a link (your personal link which will be able in the future) that allow peoples to see what you're seeing using their VR headsets, and maybe more, they can participate in that even and do what you can do there (this is better than the hologram technology).

You can watch facebook posts and twitter tweets
Also, social media can replace texts and photos with live videos and sayings. Maybe a new feature or a new technology will appear that will be the best alternative to texts and photos online.

Be social online will be finally Possible
One of the problems that facebook social media addicted is they're not social. Peoples think that having thousands of followers or friends on facebook mean that they're social and famous, but all this is fake.
With the future technology, being social will become finally possible. In place of a profile you will have a world, in place of having more friends in your list, you will have more friends in your world, you can talk to them, play with them and do anything you're doing in the real life.
So in place of creating chat groups we'll have meetings and peoples will talk, discuss, see themselves, touch and the best part is: Be Social.

Why not to create Cities and countries?

All the World in One Place
Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social networks will be updated for the future, the future of Virtual Reality, in the next months or years we can expect that those websites will work also on VR world.
Let's take facebook as an example, with 1 billion active user, this website can change the world, just imaging that facebook now work with these headsets, you can see peoples and talk to them like they're in front of you.
The acquisition of Oculus rift will change many things, we can expect that mark Zuckerberg will create another website (maybe FaceVR, or VRbook) designed for virtual reality world.

Do everything without doing anything
All what I'm talking about in this post will be in the Virtual Reality world, that's mean you're setting or sleeping and you're wearing your VR headsets. In the VR world you can do anything you can do in the real world just by wearing headsets so you're doing nothing.

Virtual Reality headsets can be used for many things, not just gaming, it can change the world to the better or to the worse, peoples can finally be social and talk with real peoples, travel or even help poor peoples. But also we can expect a new kind of addiction.

Have something to say? don't forget to leave a comment below.
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