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2K Games to Release Bioshock for IOS devices

bioshock for ios
Who don't know the popular video game "Bioshock"?, Bioshock is a classic first-person adventure/ shooter game, but it's not like all the other games, it's adapted from "Ayn Rand" novel, and because it's adapted from a popular novel, be sure that it's funny.

Bioshock is considered one of the "big games" that can't be released for mobile devices cause of its high graphics and resolution but 2K Games (The name of the company) will not face a problem in this part.
According to the company all the game with its story, dialogue, persons and areas will come to IOS devices (iPhone, iPad and maybe iPod).

As I said it's a high resolution game, so the company will be obliged to reduce its graphics to make it work on IOS devices, so shadow effects, lights effects, fire and the other effects will be reduced and some of them will be completely deleted to make the game compatible with IOS devices and less than 2GB of size because Apple don't allow anyone to upload a game to the App store with a size bigger than 2GB.

I don't think that this will be a problem because we saw the release of GTA San Andreas, Need For Speed for IOS devices and other popular big games that has been reduced to be compatible with iPad and iPhone with keeping the same gaming experience. So mobile devices are no longer a problem for big games and we may see the release of GTA V or Watch Dogs for iPad in the future.

2K Games didn't precise when the game will be available for users in the App store but the only information we know until now is it will be released later this summer. Also it will be available as a paid game with no in-app purchase, do you know how much? Bioshock for IOS will be available with a price between $10 and $30.
It's true that this is very expensive as a mobile game but don't forget, it's Bioshock.

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