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Top 10 Useful Websites on The Internet [2]

It's Friday, do you know what does this mean? it's the day where I share a new list of top 10 useful websites on the internet, and today is the second list.
You can read: Top 10 Useful Websites on The Internet [1].

This is one of my favorite photography websites (but it's not our topic), the best part here is that Gillesvidal allow you to watch different places and countries in 360°.
So you can enjoy watching popular places from different angles like you're there, and when you enter to Gillesvidal you will find: Paris, Museum of Air, Scene...

BML Walker is a feature on BioMotionLab website which show you the difference in men's and women's walk.

Are you a programmer? so prove your programming skills, challenge your friends, test and win different rewards.

Dead Man Switch
This website allow you to send an email to anyone you want, but not now, when? after you die.

Print what you like
I'm sure that you like a sentence or a paragraph on a website, but the problem is if you want to print it, you will be obliged to print all the page or all the website. You can use this website to print just the part you want from a website.

Analyze your website and check what missing to make it better

The best website to send big size files (you can send up to 10GB files)

Homestyler is the best and most popular website to design your dream home without any designing experience.

PC Part Picker
Build your PC gamer and pick parts online before you buy them in real life

Write Check
The best grammar check website. You can use it to check grammar in a text before you share it online or you can also check your personal grammar skills and improve it.

This was the Top 10 useful website on the internet [2], so before you quit don't forget to leave a comment below with your favorite website from the list, and if you have any suggestion for the next week I will be happy to take a look
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