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OS X Yosemite Program: Download the Beta Version of OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite Program: Download the Beta Version of OS X Yosemite
You like the OS X Yosemite design at WWDC 2014 but you don't have a developer account? Don't worry apple launch a new program called "OS X Yosemite Program" that will give ability to the first million peoples who sign up to use the OS X Yosemite beta when it will be released.

What is the OS X Yosemite Program ?

In the reality apple want to make its new OS better (and maybe the best), How? good question, and the answer is by getting help from you (from your feedback).
When Apple's new OS is ready you will receive everything you need to download the beta version of OS X Yosemite.

How to Participate to OS X Yosemite Program?

When you participate to apple's Yosemite beta program you will be one of those who will be able to download its new OS when it will be released. But you still can download it now if you can't wait until the official release (I will talk about it in the next point).
 The steps are very easy and apple give you all the steps:
To join the OS X Beta Program, just sign up using your Apple ID. When the beta software is ready, you’ll receive a redemption code that will allow you to download and install OS X Yosemite Beta from the Mac App Store. Then go ahead and start using it. When you come across an issue that needs addressing, report it directly to Apple with the built-in Feedback Assistant application.

How to Get OS X Yosemite now and Before the release

If you're one of those peoples who like the new OS design and you think that apple did a good job by using the same IOS 7 Technics. I will be happy to tell you that you still can download the Yosemite version now, test it, and give your feedback to Apple to make it better.
But in this point you should pay. You must have a developer account which is not free.


Apple's OS X Yosemite Beta Program will allow you to download the new OS for FREE when it will be released. But if you want to get it now you must create a developer account.

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