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Netisia's Top Tech News: What happened in Tech World this week

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Do you miss any tech news this week? don't worry, in this new post I will summarize the weekly news for you.
Before I start I must tell you that I have a lot of exams in this week that's why I didn't wrote all the news, I focus just on the Hottest ones.

Samsung Release Galaxy W: The biggest smartphone screen in the world

What I didn't understand here is why Samsung release two versions of Galaxy W? in the reality the company already released a smartphone called galaxy W, maybe they forget.

So our topic is about the newest model, the Galaxy W released by Samsung has a 7-inch display which is considered until now as the biggest smartphone (Phablet) screen in the world.

Apple Release IOS 8 at WWDC 2014

This is one of the Hottest tech news in the world especially after the big number of leaks and rumors about this version of IOS 8 awaited not just by IOS fans but also by Android and WP fans.

The IOS 8 comes with many amazing new features that make many of android users think about leaving their phones and move to IOS 8 and maybe the iPhone 6.

How the iPhone 6 look like with the IOS 8

After the official announcement of the IOS 8 we must imaging how the iPhone 6 will look like with the IOS 8, this post is made by Netisia and the photos are the nearest to the reel iPhone.
As I said in the introduction I didn't have time to write about all the news especially cause of exams and I'm the only writer in Netisia so I can't write more than 200 post per week like many blogs. And I'm doing all my efforts to write about the best and hottest news.
This week I wrote just 3 News but the next week I will do my efforts to write +10 posts.
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