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iPad Air 2: Photos, Release Date and Everything you want to know

ipad air 2 photos
iPad Air 2 has a similar design as the 1st generation
The first generation of iPad Air is considered as the best tablet in the market until now, but a new alternative from apple will take the first place when it will be released, Yes it's the iPad Air2.
So what did apple add to the second version of the iPad air take the first place as the best tablet in the market in 2014-2015 ? and the most important question is when apple will release its new tablet, the iPad Air 2 ?.

in this post I will talk about the features, leaks and everything you need to know about this amazing tablet, also I will answer some questions that I received by Email, like Where to buy the iPad Air 2? when it will be released with the cheapest price?.. So you can say that this is a complete review for Apple's next tablet. Let's Start.

iPad Air 2 will be Faster and Stronger

The first generation of Air version was the fastest between all iPad models, but Can Apple make it faster than this? the answer is YES. The A8 processor which will be present in the second generation will be developed to make the iPad Air 2 faster and it's expected that it will improve battery life (I will talk about it later).
ipad air geekbench

As I said the iPad Air 1 (1st gen) is fastest between all iPad models, and as you can see in this Geekbench test (by PrimateLabs) shows that the first generation of iPad Air got 1465 Score while the iPad 4 got 771 Score which mean that Apple do a lot of developments on the first gen of Air model so we can say that the 2nd generation will make us surprised!.

Until now there's no reports or rumors about if the company will make its new iPad stronger than the old models to stay alive in the drop tests, so I think you will need to buy a Case for your iPad.

Apple will make the second Generation of iPad Air thinner than the first one

Not just Faster, but also Thinner. When apple released the iPad Air in the past year it was thinner than a Pen, which make many peoples (especially apple fans) said that it's impossible for any company to build a tablet thinner than the 1st iPad Air but it seems that it's POSSIBLE!.
ipad air 2 leaks design

ipad air 2 screen

According to TechTimes (Via OneMoreThing) Apple will use this time an integrated display in the next upcoming tablet to make the iPad Air 2 thinner and also this will reduce the weight of the tablet (iPad Air 1 is 469g), so maybe this time the company will create a video comparing the 2nd gen of iPad Air with a Paper (not a pencil).

Did you know? the iPad Air 2 is Already in Production

The Faster, the Thick, and the Lighter Tablet is already in Production, did you know this? according to a new report shared on the popular website ETNews apple is already building its new iPad in Foxconn factory (in South of China) like the other Apple products (Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China), the source said that the Screen (which will be integrated) will be produced this month, while the other components like the A8,M8 processor, Camera... will be produced the next month (July).

A Similar Design as the First-Generation

It's true, the Second-Generation of iPad Air will come with the same design as the iPad Air 1, and the same 9.7-inch display, and it's expected that the company will keep the same 2048 x 1536 Resolution 264ppi.
In the other hand:
Recent rumours have raised the spectre of a 12.9-inch iPad, significantly larger than the current 9.7-inch screen and running at 2K or even 4K resolution, TechRadar Said 
Also other rumors mention that Apple will release a tablet with a bigger screen (13-inch) which will be like Apple's Macbook, this one will be called "iPad Pro" (It's Excluded)

Will Apple put the Touch ID Feature in the iPad Air 2?

ipad air 2 touch id
iPad Air 2 Touch ID

Until now, only the iPhone 5S has the Touch ID feature between all apple products, that's why many rumors said that the iPad Air 2 will contain this feature. But in the other hands other rumors said that the 2nd-gen of the Air model is already in production and it will not contain a Touch ID.
So the answer is YES and NO

  • Yes: According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo apple will bring the Touch ID feature to all IOS devices that will be released in 2014 including iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3.

Apple’s Touch ID module should see shipments soar 233% in 2014. We believe every new iOS device launched this year will be equipped with Touch ID, including 4.7” and 5.5” new iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 with Retina display. Considering shipments of new products and iPhone 5S sales last longer than in 2013, we forecast unit sales of the fingerprint sensor module to grow 233% to 120mn for 2014. VIA: Macrumors
  • No: According to ETNews apple is already building its upcoming tablet in Foxconn Factory but without a Touch ID, so even this time Touch ID lovers will not get what they want. Another reason maybe Apple will not put a Fingerprint sensor in the iPad is because maybe it's useless, I mean the iPhone is always in your pocket while the iPad is most of time at home or in your bag so you will not need the Touch ID. 

The 5MP rear camera is now 8MP

Finally apple know that it's time to improve the old 5MP camera and make it similar to the iPhone 5S which mean that the iPad Air 2 will be provided with an 8MP camera.
The front facing camera also has what to say, it's now 1.5MP in place of 1.2MP

A Stronger 64-bit A8 Processor with the M8 Chip

The 64-bit A7 processor was a surprise for many companies when the iPhone 5S released in the past year (even if it was made by Samsung). This powerful processor got a support from the company with the Co-processor called M7, to make the iPhone 5S the top smartphone in GeekBench tests
iphone 5s geekbench

Can apple make the A8 processor faster than the A7 processor? and the M8 faster than the M7? there's only one answer it's YES, and it will faster with 50%.

Apple will finally add the Multitasking Feature to its new tablet

Some peoples think that this is the only missing feature in Apple devices, others think that it's not too much important, while others say that if apple add the Multitasking feature to its devices they will move from Android to IOS.
When the IOS 4 was released apple bring a feature and they call it "Multitasking" which allow you to swipe between applications (then it was developed with the IOS 7), but this feature is not what users want, they want to use 2 apps at the same time and not swipe between the apps, they want to reading their emails while using facebook..etc.
ipad air 2 multitasking
iPad Air 2 Multitasking

Abracadabra!! apple will add the Multitasking feature to IOS 8 with the iPad, according to 9to5Mac via some near sources to apple developments: Apple is planning to add (or we can say to Develop) the Multitasking feature and make it similar to Microsoft's Surface 2.
The article was written at May 13 2014, which mean before 1 month and before the release of IOS 8, so personally I think that it's enough period of planning and it's time to bring it to the iDevices.

iPad Air 2 Release Date

It's expected that the Release date of the 2nd-generation of iPad Air will be in November 2014 and not in June like many blogs share.

How much the iPad Air 2 will Cost?

The Price! the first thing peoples (like me) want to know! if we talk about the second-generation, we must also talk about the first one which cost $500 / €400.
$500 is too expensive for you? don't worry some reports from Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that apple will drop the price of the iPad Air 2 to make it cheap for those who can't buy, so it's expected that the iPad Air 2 will cost around $300 / €329.
But don't worry when Apple's new tablet will be released you can find the best prices and deals on Netisia Deals with up to $100 off, so don't forget to visit the blog to check for the best deals before you buy from the internet.

So What is the difference between the iPad Air 1 and the iPad Air 2

As a small conclusion we can say that there's no difference in design and there is a big possibility when the 2nd-gen of Air model will be released you will not know which one is the Air 1 and which is the Air 2, except if apple put a fingerprint sensor.

So we can say that the difference between the two models is in the software (Air 1 run IOS 7, Air 2 run IOS 8) and the hardware (a developed and faster A8 processor, improved camera..)


iPad Air 2

Design: Similar to iPad Air 1
Screen: 9.7-inch Display, 2048 x 1536 resolution 326ppi
Weight: Less than 469g 
Height: 9.4-inch
Width: 6.6-inch
Processor: 64-bit A8 processor
Co-Processor: M8
Camera: 8MP Rear camera - 1.5 Front camera
Touch ID: Yes and No
Multitasking: Yes
Capacity: 16GB/128GB 
Release Date: November 2014
Price: $300

What do you think about the upcoming iPad Air 2? don't forget to write your opinion in a comment bellow.
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