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CSR Company Unveils the Thinnest Keyboard in The World

"CSR" company has finally unveils the model of the thinnest keybord in the world characterized by a small thickness like a normal paper and with a wireless connectivity technology with smart devices.
The research company has pointed last time that it new keyboard has a thickness of 0.49 mm with a touch surface, and it's also caracterized with by its flexibility and the ability of folding, and a low energy consumption.
The new keyboard work on CSR1010 chip which need a verly low amount of energy to work, also it provide a bluetooth connection with smart devices.

This ultra thin keyboard can be programmed for different uses such as printing different orders on the upper surface of keyboard instead of the standard numbers and alphabets and as an example you can print some programming orders or maths symboles. also you can use it on the bottom of a paper and write with a normal pen then synchronize it automatically on computer.

The company (CSR) has indicated -via its official website- that users will be able tu use the keyboard for the first time during the next IFA in berlin at 6 september.

CSR Company Unveils the Thinnest Keyboard in The World Reviewed by amine khaoui on 9/04/2013 01:46:00 PM Rating: 5
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