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3D Video Calls Coming Soon on Skype

by the BBC- Microsoft, the owner of the populaire chatting software "skype" has revealed that it's working on a new project  to develope a new 3D technology for video calls on skype.
And this came in an interview for the "BBC" with the Vice president of skype on Microsoft "mark gillett" who says that skype labs work on a new technology that allow 3D video calls depending on capture and display devices.
Gilt explain for the BBC that skype team work on this new technology but they need an appropriate system able to support the 3D video calls before publishe it for the users.

And by the same source "Gilt" says that skype work on developing a new features for the service like bringing video calls in full resolution (1080 pixels)
The company believe that despite the availability of 3D displays (screens) but it is still a lot of works before getting devices allow video-capturing in 3D. 
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