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What if Touch Screens Become From the Past [5 Alternatives]

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You think that touch screens are the future? think again, because peoples in the past were thinking that Nokia 3310 is the future of the future. So who was thinking in that time that tapping on the screen will be an alternative to tapping on buttons.

We can expect an unlimited number of features and technologies that will make human's life easier and replace today's technologies. So we can mention in today's post a lot of things that CAN be present in the future and change the meaning of using smartphones.

Voice Control

We have Siri (from Apple), Google Now (from Google) and Cortana (from Microsoft). It's true that all these voice assistants can control your smartphone and do what you tell them just by talking.
But when Voice Control will replace touch screens, companies will be obliged to make it more than just some voice assistants that have limited permissions like calling someone or opening an app.

In the future, and after the end of Touch Screens, smartphones will be able to take photos just for a specific part in the image just by voice. So you can give order to your smartphone to take a photo just for the TV in the living room (not all the living room) until now this feature is missing in the most of smartphones.
Voice control can also help you to find someone in the World, for example you can talk to your smartphone to find your brother or your friend in the world, it's true that this can violate privacy but companies can make you choose if who of your contacts can track where are you.

One of the most important things when voice control replace touch screens is smartphones design, it must be changed to match with the new feature.

Mind Control

If you don't like Voice control to be an alternative to touch screens, maybe you're right, because walking in the street and talking to your phone will make you look stupid, especially when you're like: swipe left, swipe right, first page, 2nd page, not this ***.
In this case mind control can be too much better to use your smartphone and it will not make you look stupid because you will be able to use your smartphone without no one can know what you're doing there.

We saw the Mind Control feature in films and cartoons, but can this technology come to the real world? of course.
Smartphones, smartwatches, smartwatches, voice assistants, virtual reality and all these technologies appear for the first time in TV (films and cartoons) and in that time no one was expecting that these amazing technologies will be real and everyone will be able to use.
Personally I think that we will see the same steps with the Mind Control feature, and maybe it will be the best alternative to touch screens.

Wireless Swiping

Maybe we will not go too far in the next 10 years, but at least smartphones will be able to attract your finger/hand moves without touching the screen. It's true that we saw this feature for the first time in the Galaxy S3 but the problem is your finger must be close to the screen to work.
With wireless swiping I mean you can use your smartphone without holding the phone (maybe while playing games or watching films) or even swiping, opening, closing your mobile using your computer in the other room.

Another tech that can be present in future smartphone and used as Wireless Swiping is the Hologram technology, so your screen content will be projected in the space in front of you and  you can use the phone by touching the projected screen.

Hand Phone

Do you ever see a concept for a Hand phone? it's expected that mobile phones in the future will be used in your hand (I mean making calls) so you'll be able to call anyone just by putting your hands in your ear and mouth.

Eyes Control

Eyes Control is one of the features that we saw in Samsung Galaxy S3, but companies to develop this technology to completely replace touch screens. Eyes control will allow you to swipe  between pages in touch screen, take photos and even make purchases.
But do you know the best thing in this tech? Companies can develop a new way to unlock your smartphone with your eye or using specific winks with your eyes.

If Eyes control replace touch screens, developers can create new games that can be controlled with your Eyes (especially puzzle games). So we can expect a lot of upcoming ideas and technologies that can completely change the meaning of using Smartphones and touch screens.

Have something to add? don't forget to leave a comment below.
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