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The Pirated Version of Watch Dogs is Released but it's dangerous

watch dogs pirated version
Many Gamers are waiting for the Official release of the popular upcoming game "Watch Dogs", but in the other hands a lot of other gamers are waiting for the release of the Pirated Version of the Game to download it illegally and play it for free.

Ubisoft is preparing to release Watch Dogs tomorrow "Tuesday May 27th 2014" but hackers can't wait, that's why they release an illegal (unofficial) version of watch dogs on Torrent links for free which make a lot of gamers download this version without thinking so the result is: They install a Bitcoin Manner on their computers.

As you know in these days Torrent become the best tool to download illegal and cracked games without paying hundreds of dollars but when you do this there is a big chance that your PC will be in a risk like today's Example.
I don't know if you already download the Pirated version of Watch Dogs or not, but if you don't, I advice you to wait the official release then many forums and blogs will put clean versions of watch dogs for free download. BUT if you're ready to transform your computer into a "Bitcoin Manner" you can download this version.

If you're asking How my PC will be a Bitcoin Manner then keep reading: According to Slashgear many of Pirated version contain Malicious file called "Winlogin.exe" which will be installed on your computer after installing the Game, that's mean that this file is buried in the game setup files, and the hacker will start earning from transforming your computer into a Source of Money for him "Bitcoin Manner".
it basically uses resources from your computer’s GPU to break down complex algorithms. Those who crack the algorithms are rewarded with a block of Bitcoins for their trouble.
My Computer is a Bitcoin Manner, Then What?
Congratulation!!, because this malicious file which called "Winlogin.exe" will use 25% of your computer's GPU power to resolve complex algorithms, then Mine for Bitcoins, then send the earnings to Hacker's bank Account. And make sure that more your PC is powerful the process of mining bitcoins will be easier and more profitable for the hacker.

 So stay away from the Cracked versions of Watch Dogs and wait just for one day until the official release of the game then search for some clean links in trusted forums to download the game for free.
But if you're ready to give 25% of your computer GPU I will give you the Download link of this pirated version.
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