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Apple suddenly buys e-books company: BookLamp

apple buy booklamp
With the big number of e-books online, peoples move from reading books on books to reading books on their smartphones or tablets.
And for that apple want to give its users a better experience in using its iBooks app by giving us some recommendations of popular e-books based on your language, last choices, and the categories you love. And for this the company has bought BookLamp, a book-analytics company.

According to the report by TechCrunch, Apple has bought BookLamp with a price higher than $10 M and less than $15 M. The original reason why the company do this acquisition is being a better competitor to Amazon, and the second reason maybe to get more downloads and sales on e-books by offering readers the best choices of books.

"Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." Apple Said
 In the most of cases, apple buy companies that can make apple's products better (or the best), but also there's a second reason, which is the small companies with brilliant future so to make this brilliant future its own, apple buy all the company with its employees and technology.
And in our example we have BookLamp which is a small company based on giving readers suggestions based on their past choices, so this can improve the iBooks app and make it better.

The official website of BookLamp is no longer available online, when you take a look you'll find just a "Thank you for everything" message from BookLamp team to thank you about your support, and tell the world that its service will be stopped, so this can confirm these news about the acquisition of BookLamp by Apple.

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