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Android Silver or Nexus 6 Appear in a New Official Photo

A new photo shared by the official twitter account of Android shows a new black smartphone that has a design similar to the Nexus Phones but it can be also LG's new generation called "Android Silver".

In the last period many leaks and reports said that LG Nexus 5 is the last smartphone in the Nexus Generation, and the company will not release a Nexus 6 or any new Nexus Phone.
Why? it seems that Life's Good company has a lot of new plans, according to new leaks by "The Information" LG will replace the Nexus Smartphones with a new series called "Android Silver" and it has a new Marketing Strategies to make this new Smartphone more popular (LG will follow the same strategies as Samsung with the Galaxy Smartphone".

So Personally I think that this photo is a part of the Marketing strategy that LG will follow and if this is true we can say that the Smartphone in this photo is the first Smartphone from the "LG Android Silver" Generation.

The second possibility is this smartphone is the next generation of Nexus 6, as I said those information are according to some "leaks" not Official announcements so it can be false, and if they are false the photo shared by the official account of Android on twitter is for the next generation of Nexus smartphones which will be the "Nexus 6".

So This is the Nexus 6 or the Android Silver

No one except LG can tell you if this is a Nexus 6 or Android Silver but IF:
The Leaks are True: This is "LG Android Silver"
The Leaks are False: This is LG "Nexus 6"

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