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The Definitive Guide to protect your eyes from Computer Radiation

The Definitive Guide to protect your eyes from Computer Rays
One of the big problems when using a computer or a laptop for a long time is eyes ache cause of rays emitted from your computer screen especially if you're a programmer, a geek or a gamer, that's why in this guide We will talk about the definitive ways to protect your eyes from computer rays.

If you're a blogger or you work too much on your computer, Protecting and saving your eyes is one of the most important thing you must care about.
And always make sure that the most you're comfortable (health and mind) the most you're productive, that's why my advice for you is to save this page to use it each time you need to keep your eyes safe.
The Definitive Guide to protect your eyes from Computer Rays

Because you're one of computer users, I'm sure that you face one of these problems in your eyes while sitting in from of the screen for a long time:

  • Burning eyes 
  • Drought and strained eyes 
  • Headaches 
  • Blurred vision
  • Eyes Redness
These symptoms are called " Eye Strain", and Scientists call them " Computer Vision Syndrome" which is resulted by sitting too much in from of the computer screen especially when the screen brightness is high. And according to the latest statistics between 50-90% of computer users have Eye Strain.

So even if you're the biggest fan of technology world, or reading the latest tech news you must never forget to protect and take care of your vision because it's the best thing and the most expensive thing you can get.

The Definitive Guide to protect your eyes from Computer Rays

If you think that keeping your eyes healthy will take a lot from your work time, you're wrong, so keep reading this new post to know How to keep your eyes healthy and avoid "Eye Strain" from computer screen just for 12 minutes everyday.

Adjust your Display Settings (Screen Brightness)

If you're a designer I think it's better to pass to the second step because you will not be happy after changing the natural screen colors.
Adjusting your computer display settings is an important step especially if you sit in front of your device for a long time, that's why I suggest you to use F.Lux which is a free software that adjust the screen colors based on the timing of the day, then it changes the degree of colors to make sitting in front of screen better and more comfortable, and trust me after using this software it will be very hard to use any computer without F.Lux.
All you have to do is to provide the program with your geographic location and the quality of your room lighting, and it will ensure the rest of the tasks.

Adjust the size of writing (Font)

It can be important to make the font of your computer bigger, if the writings is too small it may cause the rise in blood pressure and stress levels,so if you noticed that you approach too much to the screen to be able to read it , then you should use large Fonts..

Take 12 minutes everyday to get rid of almost total strain in your eyes

No one in the world can say I can't do this, because getting a 12 minutes break in 24 hours will be nothing to keep your eyes healthy and protect them.
Let's Start with the First 8 minutes for each 8 Hours in front of Computer screen
When you use the computer for a long time you will notice that you forget to close your eyes progressively especially for peoples who focus too much on the display and this will cause Dry eyes and muscle stiffness. But if you want to avoid this I advice you to learn the 20-20-20 Rule which is one of the best rules And recommended by specialists, which had already published in The New York Times, in this guide you will learn it step by step:
The rule says: Each time, After 20 continuous minutes of looking to the computer screen change the direction of your eyesight and focus on something far of you at least 20 feet and focus on it for 20 seconds. The important part here is that your eyes must stay away from the computer screen. So it will be very useful as an addition, to stand up and walk for a moment, and also in order to avoid the risks of prolonged sitting in front of the computer.
It's very simple you'll find that this rule (or you can call it exercise) will take just 8 minutes per 8 hours in front of computer
20 seconds x 3 x 8 =8 Minutes

keep eyes healthy
Maybe you say "I'm very busy on my work (coding,designing...) how can I remember to take a break or change my eyesight direction every 20 minutes?".
It's true that this is hard, but for this reason the Chrome Add-ons are here, you can use one of those two apps which will remind you to go away from the computer screen for 20 seconds. 
The first app is called 20Cuby (Protect your eyes with this reminder tool to look away from the screen every 20 minutes.) The second one is EyeCare (Notifies you in multiple ways to take breaks and helps you with eye exercises based on 20-20-20 rule and with lower back exercises).
Also You can get this third bonus which is the free program called WorkRave, this software will give you many useful instruction and sport exercises and many other features.

4 Extra Minutes for more Comfort
For better results you can add an extra 10 seconds or more when applying the 20-20-20 Rule, after this I'm sure that your eyes will stay healthy even if you sit in front of the screen for 24 hours, so you can apply these exercises:

  • Relax your eye muscles by closing them and relax for some time. 
  • Rotate your eyes and move them in all directions and close tightly for some time. 
  • Expand the scope of your vision to the far right and the far north, up and down.
So this will make the Total of break time 12 Minutes every 8 Hours of continuous using of computer, and according to eye specialists this is a good guide to keep your eyes healthy.

Extra Tips to reduce the computer damage on your Eyes
You can find these tips everywhere on the net that's why I try to combine the best advises in this guide on Netisia:

  • Your office lighting must be good and it's preferred to be a side lighting not from the top of the desktop, using the floor lamps or desk to get a good indirect lighting. 
  • Try to make the computer screen at a distance between 50 and 80 cm from your eyes to reduce the rays effects on them.
best sitting position in front of computer

I hope that this guide is easy to understand and before we finish I hope that you apply all these exercises or at least some of them, and always make in mind that your eyes are the most expensive thing you can get in this life so always try to keep it healthy and take care of them.
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