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Who Is the Winner of NASA's Z-2 Spacesuit Design Contest

2014 nasa z-2 spacesuit contest winning design
NASA has finally closed the votes for its Z-2 Spacesuit design Contest and announced the winner, and between all those 3 amazing designs it will be hard to choose one so who is the lucky winner in the Z-2 contest?

NASA invited peoples to choose between 3 alternative designs for the new Prototype Spacesuit with the "Technology" option. The winner got about 63% of total votes which is almost 233,431 votes. Wow it seems that he created a much better design than the 2 other designers.Yes, it's the new Technology design is amazing, simple but beautiful it's like those in space films. 
2014 nasa z-2 spacesuit contest winning design

Now, NASA got a new design to use it in the Complicated Z-2 suit which is a part of NASA’s project to create a new spacesuit for the exploration of Mars. The goal from this contest is to find more and better ideas to make Mars exploration easier and safer (you know the dangers faced by astronauts).
So they want to develop a new spacesuit system including the best technologies to use it in missions on Mars, but of course don't expect that NASA will use this Spacesuit which is designed by normal peoples, no, because it has a lack of specific high-performance materials and they to work a little more on the design on Earth atmosphere before using this spacesuit in the space.
2014 nasa z-2 spacesuit contest winning design

According to NASA
The Z-2 will be completed by November and will be tested at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab.
 That's mean the winning spacesuit will be tested in different conditions before going to the first trip to space, that's why, Engineers will conduct multiple vacuum chamber tests including a simulates weightless conditions in a swimming pool, simulated the Rocky Martian surface, one series at full vacuum and mimicking the lack of atmosphere found in space. All of these tests will guide engineers in designing the Z-3 -As NASA said-.
2014 nasa z-2 spacesuit contest winning design

NASA is planning to go to the next level with the Z-2 that's why they will build this new spacesuit with a completely new layer materials never used in a Spacesuit before this like electroluminescent wiring.

With this Winning Spacesuit NASA will build the Spacesuit of features, that's why a lot of professional engineers and scientists from different countries are working to create, develop and include the best Space technologies in the Z-2 Design.
2014 nasa z-2 spacesuit contest winning design

Source: NASA
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