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7 Reasons Not to buy a 4k TV

4k television
4k technology is the future of Televisions and the best alternative for HD and Full HD, BUT not today. That's why in this new post we will discuss the 7 reasons not to buy a 4k TV at least in these days.

The Lack of 4k Content

Because it's a new technology many TV channels didn't ready yet to make their content with this quality, as you know the 4K quality need a lot of resources that's not available for everyone.
It's true that the 4k has an image and sound quality better than 720p and 1080p but it's not easy to produce content with this quality, even if there's a big development in cameras, and montage software.

If you watch films I'm sure that you notice that the most of these films are in 720p and 1080p even the big companies can't pass to the next level, WHY? because this technology still in the beginning.
The third point is Photography Equipment which still expensive and in development, the last point is the internet speed which make watching 4k content online almost impossible especially with the size of 4k videos.
480 vs 720 vs 4k

Not compatible as required with the new gaming consoles

It's true that the new generation of gaming consoles such as PS4 and the Xbox one are compatible with the 4k technology and can run it, but the problems is until today there's not much games that work with 4k quality.
Consoles => Run 4k quality = YES
Games => Run 4k quality = NO
Which make buying a 4k TV for gaming without any benefits

The Problem of Compatibility with the Other Devices

The compatibility is always the problem but it can be the only reason to stop you from wasting your money on a 4k TV.
After you buy a new Television that can run 4k quality you will have a problem with your receiver which can not display 4k content. Another problem that you can face it when you will try to watch TV using WiFi, especially with the big number of information sent  per second so you will be obliged to buy more devices to avoid this kind of problems and sending information in 4k.
full hd 1080p vs ultra hd 4k

4k Televisions are very Expensive 

This reason is for peoples with medium and low income. I don't know if you take a look in TV market or not, if you don't, it's better.
As any new technology it must be very expensive for example:

  • The price of 4k Sony Television 55-inch is $4000 and more
  • Samsung 4k TV 65-inch is $5500

The place Taken in the House

The most of 4k TVs are big sizes (55-inch, 65-inch...) so if one day you decide to buy this Kind of TVs you must have enough place in the wall or you will be obliged to make your wall bigger for the TV

You Must have A Big Room

Because it's a big TV with an Ultra HD quality you must watch it from a far to save your eyes from the radiations.
If you have a big HD TV, doctors advice you to put it away from you for two reasons: the first is to keep your eyes safe; the second for the best quality, so imagine the situation with an Ultra-HD TV

Why you want to watch TV in 4k Content?

Personally I think that 1080p quality is more than enough and I don't find any reason to replace the Full HD quality with a 4k quality.
This will be good in Cinema or a public place that need a good quality for customers and not for your Home.

These was the 7 reasons not to buy a 4k television at least in these days, and until all the companies become compatible with this amazing quality.
If you have any opinion about this topic please leave a comment below and don't forget to share this post with your friends.
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