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No FingerPrint Scanner In Samsung's Smartphones

No FingerPrint Scanner In Samsung's Smartphones
Since the official launch of the FingerPrint Scanner which known as "Touch ID" in Iphone 5S, many leaks and rumors start appear about this technology in the other smartphones.
By the last leaks HTC One Max will contain a fingerprint scanner, and other leaks says that samsung work on this technology in its next smartphones.

But samsung has utterly stopped the leaks, so according to The Korean Herald website that one of the executives directors in the company said that Samsung does not work on the fingerprint technology and not intend to provide its next smartphones with a fingerprint scanner.

The report also said that Samsung is waiting how is the new technology and how users will react to it in the future. So we can't say that it's impossible to see a fingerprint scanner in a samsung smartphone, but it seems that samsung test this new technology remotely to see if peoples like this technology in iphone 5S or not.
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