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iphone 5S Review

iphone 5S Review
After some days of the availability of iphone 5S for pre-orders, users and especially apple fans and tech-news lovers compete on buying this new device.
So in this post i will try to make a written review for this new amazing device (because not everyone can buy an iphone 5S to make a video review).

By the last reports the iphone 5S has the biggest sales between all iphone devices (The company refused to provide the media with any information on sales volume achieved by its devices).

What's new in Iphone 5S:
Even if there are many similar things as iphone 5 but apple add many excellente features and news.
I notice that the main feature that apple concentrate on it in iphone 5S is the Speed, the new phone is faster 40 times than iphone 5.
One of the new things that apple add it to its devices is the Touch ID that allow you to unlock the phone with your fingerprint.
the Led Flash: the company add a new color to the LED flash to give pictures more reality.

The Price:
it's true that the new iphone has many new features and characteristics but also it has an expensive price, and this make buying an iphone 5S impossible for many peoples (like me).
Iphone 5S has 3 different prices for different capacities so it's 649$ for 16GB devices, 749$ for 32GB devices and 849$ for 64$ devices (without contract).
The price with two years contract:
iphone 5s price

iphone 5s colorsAs it was expected apple made some changes in the new iphone colors so it emerged from Black and White world to made a better devices colors.The iphone 5S colors make the device more stylish for many peoples, it come with the 3 colors: White, Gold and Gray.The new colors choice from apple can cover the negative point in the design (similar design as iphone 5).
As we saw in past leaks (before the release of iphone 5S) apple kept the same design as iphone 5 and what make many peoples criticize the company.
Many experts think that the main reason that make apple lose many of its fans is the absence of innovation.

The new smartphone has the same 4-inch screen size "retina" as iphone 5 which is characterized by its clarity and sharp colors. 
also we have a similar phone size as iphone 5.

Processor & Speed:
a7 processor iphone 5s
As i said in the past tip apple concentrate on making the iphone 5S the fastest device between apple's devices, so the company provide the new phone with A7 processor which make Iphone 5S faster 40 times (there are who said 56 times) than iphone 5.
And what make the new processor a big invention is that A7 is the first smartphone processor work with 64-bits.
Speed and more speed: to make the iphone 5S faster apple add an M7 processor to give the A7 processor more speed and this give the smartphone a big chance to be the fastest smartphone.

After all these features that make the iphone 5S like a computer (in speed and performances) apple face some problems in making a large capacity battery. but as any time the company pass the test and succeed in making the phone hold for 10 hours.
iphone 5s battery life
The Camera:
The camera in iphone 5S still the same 8-MP camera so it seems that apple can't improve the camera but the company find a solution to get a better picture. The new smartphone has a 15% better sensor and this give users a better quality pictures.
In addition to the slow motion feature that allow you to take slow motion videos to get more effects on your videos. And i don't forget the improved panorama feature so now you can take long pictures with 28-Mega Pixels.
iphone 5s camera
LED Flash:
Apple improve the camera with a dual flash that give your photos more reality especially in dark places

IOS 7:
IOS 7 is the latest IOS released by apple, which contain a new design after a serie of a similar IOS devices

Control and Notification Center:
Like android, apple add many new ways to access to the settings and other files faster that before in IOS 7, so now and in addition to switching from the up to see what's new; you can now switch from the bottom for more choices.
iphone 5s control and notification center

Touch ID:
And finally this is the main and the most popular features in iphone 5S, apple done a good work in adding a new way for more security in locking your files.
this new technology allow you to add your fingerprint to use it in opening the phone.
iphone 5s touch id
What i like in iphone 5S :
- The fast 64-bits processor that allow you to get the best performances in gaming and using  the phone.
- The new technology of touch ID to get better security especially for who have obtrusive friends or brothers also this new feature can save your files if you lost your phone until you find it.
- the new gold color
- the new design
- Touch ID don't work with cutted finger

What i don't like in iphone 5S:
- its expensive price: the price of iphone 5s will stop many users  from buy it
- some battery problems
- the same design
- the Touch ID don't work if you use it with a wetted finger (water or sweat) so if your finger is switted you can't open the phone
- unnecessary movements
iphone 5S Review Reviewed by amine khaoui on 9/22/2013 01:59:00 PM Rating: 5
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