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BlackBerry Messenger Coming Soon For Computers

BBM is Now Available In A Desktop Version
In a past post i said it seems that this is the last news about blackberry but i was wrong, so today blackberry announced its new version of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for computers. The new version was announced during the BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013.
BlackBerry explained during the conference that the desktop version will not come as a separated software but it will serve as a default software in blackberry smartphones version.

And it's noteworthy that blackberry released a new version of BBM for "IOS" and "Android" in the past saturday, but the company decide to stop the program and postpone the official release for the two systems.
But it seems that the postpone can be for a long time cause of the leaked versions of BBM before the official release which cause many technical problems.
Blackberry said that it's difficult to solve this problem especially that there are more than one million devices use this leaked version.

BlackBerry Messenger for computer can be a reel competitor for the other populaire chatting programs such as "Whatsapp" and "Viber".
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