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After a Long Time BlackBerry Has Finally Acquired By FairFax

After a Long Time BlackBerry Has Finally Acquired By FairFax
After a long struggle with money losse, blackberry stop progressing and give up especially after its conviction that smartphones market will not accept the blackberry smartphones as one of the best devices.
Blackberry faced many problems in selling its products and one of the reasons is the big competition between "apple" and "samsung" so blackberry has not any chance in succeed except if it find a new idea volatility of compete but it seems that Blackberry has not any idea so they decide to sell the company.

And in these days the Board of Directors in Blackberry approved the acquisition offer submitted by the Canadian Finance Company "Fairfax" to buy the company with About 5 billion dollars.
By "CNBC- "Fairfax" made an offer to buy the company with 9$ per share to finally make a deal with 4.7 billion dollars.

It's noteworthy that "Fairfax" is the largest Contributor in "BlackBerry" with a share estimated at about 10% of the shares.

In the last period blackberry faced many problems to enter to smartphones market and get a good place and shares under the competition between the two big companies, "Samsung" and "Apple", and at the level of the operating systems "Android" and "iOS".

So it was almost impossible for blackberry smartphones and operation system to be bigger especially that the company don't give users different experience in smartphones, or new features.

And it's noteworthy that the company has many financial problems estimated with more than 1 billion dollars, and this what make blackberry decide to reduce its employment number and cancel more than four thousand jobs.

So it seems that this is the last news about blackberry and its smartphones.
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