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The Number of Monthly Active Users on WhatsApp is 600 Million

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After the Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, the App jump to a completely new level and 100 Million new active users in 4 months.

@Jankoum -The CEO and founder of WhatsApp- has tweeted that his app has achieved 600 Million monthly active user, and this big number include just monthly active users not the total number of WhatsApp users. He said that the registered users number is very different type of numbers !!.
So we can expect that WhatsApp is on its way to sit on the first place of Chat apps list, especially that it's acquired by the biggest social network in the World -FACEBOOK!-.

In the reality WhatsApp is growing faster than we think, and its monthly active users grow from 48 Million active users to 50 Million between April and today. Remember that this big number is for Monthly active users, and if you're asking about the registered users in the same period you'll be surprised that WhatsApp has reached more than 100 Million new registered users in the same period.

Also WhatsApp has reached more than 121% of growing in users between 2013 and 2014, and we can expect a lot of things in the next year.

What do you think about these numbers? leave a comment below and tell me if you're an active user or just registered user?.

Source: FrAndroid
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