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Top 10 Useful websites on The internet [1]

top useful websites on internet
In a previous post I mention a lot of News and Top 10 topics that will be added to Netisia, but I forgot to talk about the list of Top 10 useful websites on the internet. and today's best websites is the first list on this blog.

The top 10 useful websites on the internet is a weekly list of 10 amazing websites (not like the most of websites online), those websites are new amazing ideas and topics that will help you in lot of things in your life.

1. Solar System Scope
You like space and watching planets? you don't need to be an astronaut. I found Solar System Scope (and the other 9 websites) while doing some researches about this top 10 post. This website allow you to move between the planets like you're in really in the space.
You can:

  • Watch the solar system and its planets
  • Measure the distance between all the planets
  • Watch a specific planet and see its details in 3D
  • Learn the name of stars and how much time you need to reach it
  • The great Bear, the small bear, cancer, Leo, Orion, Taurus, Vela, Carina... (I learn them now).
I will let you discover the other features on this website

2. Stripes
You like visual tricks? enjoy watching the movements of this tiger just by dragging the stripe to the right and to the left.

3. Rainday
Transform your laptop screen into a window and enjoy watching Rain on your screen. It will be good for relaxing.

4. 4K VS HD
I like this website. If you don't know the difference in image quality between 4K resolution and HD this one  is the best choice for you. You will find everything about the difference between the two resolution with real examples.

5. Seaquence
When I found, I spend almost 1 hour on it. This useful website contain something like a worm and on the left some rectangles. You can create your own music in different sounds with this amazing site.
I will let you discover it.

6. Sleep Calculator
What time should you got to bed?. Choose when you want to wake up at the morning and Sleep calculator will tell you when you should go to bed.

7. Netflix Roulette
You don't know what to watch next on Netflix? this roulette will tell you.

8. Ninite
One of the problems you face when you format your computer is the big number of programs and apps you need to install or update. Ninite will install it for you at once.

9. Old Version
You want to install a recent program but it's not compatible with your weak computer (like mine)? why not trying to install an old version of this program maybe it work. Here you will find the old version of all the programs.

10. Keybr
If you're trying to exercise on speed writing on your keyboard, I advice you to try Keybr which will help you to remember the place of all your keyboard buttons to write faster and faster.

So what do you think of the first list of top 10 useful websites? which one is your favorite? don't forget to write a comment below
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