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New LG G3 Specs Officially Confirmed: 5.5-inch Display, New Design

lg g3 5.5-inch display
After the past leaks that shows a lot of LG G3 specs like the 5.5-inch display the company officially confirmed in a video shared on YouTube by the Official channel of LG Mobile Global.
I don't know the main reason but LG didn't share any other features about its upcoming smartphone so until know the only thing we've confirmed from the past leaks is the 5.5-inch Display but personally I think that there is a big possibility that these rumors are true because it's taken from trusted sources.

Life's Good company take a big step in smartphones world or it's better to say in Phablet world, I want to know why companies want to make their smartphones screen larger and larger , even if these smartphone have large screen they want to make it bigger, I mean no one like to put a big device on his eyes. Even "Large Screen Lovers" will not like this because the smartphone display must have limits.

Until the moment of writing this article, LG only confirmed the 5.5-inch display but WAIT, if you focus in the end of this Video you will notice that the picture "which is just black and white" is similar to the Leaked photo for the LG G3 design so we can say that we have 2 parts are confirmed from the rumors.

What do you think about these News? do you like the idea of 5.5-inch display and the design? share your opinion in a comment.

Via: TNW
New LG G3 Specs Officially Confirmed: 5.5-inch Display, New Design Reviewed by amine khaoui on 5/24/2014 10:42:00 PM Rating: 5
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