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Apple iGlass, Is it Possible?

iglass design
It's usual that Apple try to compete all the companies in the world by creating better products, so do You think that Apple will try to kill Google's Glasses (Known as "Google Glass")?.
In this post on Netisia there's no reports,leaks or anything, we will discuss if there's a Possibility that Apple will release an iGlass to compete the Google Glass or not (you can participate in this discussion by sharing your opinion and what you think in a Comment bellow).

This new Technology is the future, so Apple must be updated with tech market to stay in the top. This make the answer is YES.
In the reality we can't expect a product like this in 2014 from Apple, so what it's sure that the iGlass will not be released at least in this year. And this Make the Answer: NO.

YES, Apple will Release an iGlass

iglass design
Let's start with the Yes answer.
As I said the company must be updated with the latest technologies, innovations and create better products than the other companies. It's true that until now the Search Engine is the only one who release a developed Glasses but make sure that tech world is faster than you think so it's more likely that the other companies like LG,Samsung, Microsoft.. will release a Glass Product, so maybe the next products will be: Samsung Glass Gear, LG Glass G1, or Microsoft SurfGlass (just kidding but it can be true).
Fedell Said
"Sony and Apple are developing the next generation personal viewer, the navigation/video sunglasses. These products will offer navigation features in full see-through mode as well as video viewing with a clip-on to block the background. We expect that clip-ons will be available to provide both see-periphery views of the environment, as well as full blocking of the environment to enable video immersion when desired. This new versatile product generation will further accelerate acceptance and sales of personal viewers."

Apple Has Patents about Glasses

apple movie glasses

If you're a Tech News follower since 2011, I think that you read these news in one of the other blogs (because in 2011 Netisia was not yet created):
Based on patents applied for in 2011, Google already has a working prototype of its Google Glass in the hands of 1,500 “developers” for testing and improving, and are planning to sell them to the public next year.
It's true that Google start working on its Glasses in 2011, but what you don't know is that Apple already has Patents since 2009 that's mean 2 Years before Google.
BUT in that time Apple's Glass was not like today's technology, in the reality it was just "Movie Glasses" which is just for watching movies on your iPod, you think that it's not enough? Apple thinks that too that's why the iGlass was not released.
The Patent application said:
"Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for projecting a source image in a head-mounted display apparatus for a user. A first display projects an image viewable by a first eye of the user."

The Medical Use for Smart Glasses

medical use smartglasses
When I was surfing YouTube I found a video about a doctor who use Smart Glasses in his operations and to help him keep controlling the Heart Rate, taking photos, signing notes (by voice)..etc.
So what make me think that Apple will release an iGlass is its interest in users health especially with the IOS 8 (according to some leaks)

Apple's Glasses are not News

According to Computer World "Apple has been developing its own Google Glass systems since 2006" so the question here is what stop apple 8 Years from releasing its Glasses.

NO, Apple will not Release an iGlass

iglass iphone

If we focus in the last sentence we can say that the company can and has the ability to release their own Glasses if they want and for this let me remind you what Apple said
"We had such success with the things we were already doing that we didn't have time to do anything else," Fadell said.
They also said that Apple is proud of the products they release as those products it does, which mean that the company created a lot of products which will be never released.

Privacy Violation

In another News post, many governments decide to Prevent citizens from using the Google Glass, the main cause for this is the Privacy Violation. As you know you can taking photos, recording videos for peoples without their permission and they will never know.
So this can stop the Future of Glasses Technology in many countries, and as you know apple will not accept this, so to avoid these problems maybe they will not release this product.

Who will wear it?

iglass design

Not like smartphones, the most of peoples didn't like these smart glasses, the most reason is they think that they will be stupids wearing these glasses in the street

In the reality no one can confirm if apple will release an iGlass or not until some new reports or leaks appear. Personally I don't like the idea of these smart Glasses and I don't have any reason to buy this product, it's true that this can be a revolution or something in Tech world but it will not succeed between normal users.
If you have any opinion or you want to share something about Apple iGlass you can write it in a comment bellow.
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