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LG G3 Review: Release date, Design, New Features

lg g3 review
Leaked design and features has been Confirmed. LG finally announced its new smartphone known as LG G3 at events in 3 cities: London, New York and San Francisco.
As the rumors said the G3 come with 5.5-inch display and a new design made from metal, and it comes with a lot of new features.

LG G3 New Design

The new phone come with an elegant design that look like it's made from metal, but the truth is LG's new smartphone is made of Polycarbonate which make the phone look disguised in a metal Body. Also the phone rear body has been deformed to give users better position and make holding the smartphone easier, so its big size will not affect the way to hold the phone. Also this help the company to make its new smartphone thinner so it comes with 8,9mm thick
lg g3 new design

LG G3 Back Buttons

Similar to the LG G2, the 3rd generation has those buttons in the back under the camera making them rounded and I think a bit bigger, and if you don't like the idea of rear buttons LG's Mobile Design Lab like it and think that the rear keys are more important than making the G3 size bigger
Rear placement allows them to keep a firm grip on the phone and still tap the keys with a middle finger.

LG G3 Display: Bigger and high resolution Screen

lg g3 QHD screen

As the rumors said, the G3 comes with 5.5-inch display, but the amazing part here is the resolution, LG provide its smartphone with Quad-HD which mean 2k 2560 x 1440 IPS LCD screen with a pixel density 538ppi.
It's the first time LG use the 2k resolution in one of its smartphones screen and it's one of the first companies in the world to use this technology even the big phone companies like HTC (with HTC One M8) and Samsung (with the Galaxy S5) didn't release a smartphone with 2k resolution.

LG G3 Features: Processor, GPU and Ram

The LG G3 is come with a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and an Adreno 330 GPU.
The Ram in this phone is not the same for the different capacities so if you buy a 16GB version you will get 2GB of Ram, and the 32GB version is provided with 3GB of Ram. With the ability to add up to 128GB with MicroSD card.

LG G3 improved Battery

Cause of Quad-HD screen the new smartphone need a big battery capacity to hold for a long time. The smartphone come with 3000mAh removable battery, not the best but it can be enough "maybe".

LG G3 Software: Operating System

Like all the new smartphones the LG G3 will run Android 4.4.2 "KitKat" but many things has been updated.
The icons in this version of android are simple, rounded, and elegant and "Less childish".
The G3 also comes with "Knock Code" which allow you to unlock the phone with tapping on the screen, so it's an alternative to unlocking with code.
-Knock Knock
-Who's there?
-Hey G3 it's me, can you wake up?.
Lol just kidding but it's a good idea to talk with a smartphone like that!.

LG G3 Connectivity

The G3 will be compatible with many new technologies like the 3G, 4G, LTE, GPS, NFC.
Also you will be able to use the "Qi Wireless Charging" if you put the phone in a "QuickCircle Case"

LG G3 Release Date, Price and Pre-Order
LG announced the G3 for June before June, in the UK Europe. The company will start shipping the new phone in 1st July but it's available now fro Pre-Order on the LG's Official website starting at €399.

According to the company the G3 will be released in Korea next Week, and in Europe in June. O2 also mentioned that the G3 will be available on its network in July 

LG G3 Improved Camera

lg g3 camera

The company keep the same number of pixels as the G2 which is 13MP, but the camera in the G3 got many other improvements for a better image quality.
As you can notice in these photos the Camera flash is a bit longer just like the iPhone 5S, it's a Dual-LED Flash, OIS+ and laser autofocus.
The front face camera comes with 2.1MP and it also has a flash for better Selfies Photos, I'm sure that you think it's not the best phone for taking selfies but LG want to change your Opinion: The company said that this 2.1MP front camera take photos better than many smartphone that offer 5MP thanks to the improved sensitivity.

Why the LG G3 is not provided with Fingerprint Sensor

According to TechcrunchLG said it was eschewing this tech for two reasons: firstly because it doesn’t believe the tech is robust enough yet, and secondly because it has its own Knock On code security feature which lets users have a tap pattern to unlock their phone.

So what do you think about the LG G3? if you have any opinion about the smartphone or any addition don't forget to leave a comment bellow and tell us if you will buy the G3 or not. 
LG G3 Review: Release date, Design, New Features Reviewed by amine khaoui on 5/28/2014 04:07:00 PM Rating: 5
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