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Flappy Bird Coming to Life Again? Yes. But not Soon

I don't think that you don't know Flappy Bird, if You don't, I'm sure that you're not from this planet. In the beginning the disappearance of this game from the app store and google play make a big buzz, but then the game began to lose popularity especially because it's the cause of destroying many smartphones LOL.
Today a Twitter user ask the developer of Flappy Bird "Dong Nguyen" if he will put the game back for the app store or not. Dong answer: "Yes.But not Soon".
Personally I'm one of the lucky peoples who got the game on their smartphones before it has been deleted, but even if I don't have it I will not care and I'm sure that the most of you don't care if the game will back or not.
Dong Nguyen didn't precise when the game will back to our smartphones, he just says that it will back not soon. The question here "If Dong delete Flappy Bird because he earns a lot of Money, why he will put it back again ?" that's the question.
Many peoples says that It's a Marketing Strategy but I don't think it's like that, because we saw many copies of the game, and some of them are now at the top downloaded apps so we can say that peoples found the alternative.

If it's really a Marketing Strategy, Dong must update its game with a lot of new features that didn't exist in its alternatives or Flappy Bird will die again.
Flappy Bird Coming to Life Again? Yes. But not Soon Reviewed by amine khaoui on 3/19/2014 10:11:00 PM Rating: 5
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