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All The Leaks And Rumors About iWatch [Update]

iwatch conept
In the last period There have been many rumors and leaks about the new awaited Smart watch from Apple which will be called "iWatch".
So this new topic will organize all the new information about the smartwatch from the beginning until the release date to get a bigger and a clear image for iWatch.

iWatch will be provided with Sapphire Crystal Glass

As we know apple has bought a new factory in Arizona so this action mean that apple has a plan to do. The new factory has the ability to Create an amazing number of Sapphire crystal glass.
In some rumors we knew that the factory will create 5-inch displays with this sapphire glass , this information make us think about the iPhone 6 which will come with a bigger screen, but after some days new leaks come and say that the glass is for iWatch and not for the iPhone 6.

iWatch will measure heart rate and oxygen in the blood

If we compare the rumors about iWatch and it's Apps it seems logic, With this new device apple want to use technology to make everything possible.
According to the last rumors iWatch will be able to measure heart rate and oxygen in the blood. It's true that these technologies are under development but it will be ready very soon when the device will be released.
In the last  Electrical Engineering Times reports apple will concentrate on users Health Aspect.

iWatch will identify user from his heart and predicts Heart Attacks

Between all the patents that apple has recorded we find a new and a strange patent which hint that apple has a new technology able to unlock the device with specifying electrical signals from the user (from his heart).

iWatch Battery will be charged wirelessly, with sun energy and with movement  

If I will buy a smartwatch the first thing I will think about it is the battery life because it's not logic that I will charge my watch everyday, So According to some rumors Apple has the solution.
The company do many different tests on its watch to find a way to make a long life battery and one of these ways is wireless charging, charging using sun energy and charging using movement.

Whether if these rumors are true or not but the most important is that a new device from apple called "iWatch" will come to the world

Update 09/04/2014:
the last iwatch concept
According to a new report from Taiwan's Economic daily news the iWatch will be released at the third quarter of 2014 that's mean at September at the same time with IOS 8 and iPhone 6 (or 6C).
The most of rumors say that the iWatch will be slim and the company focus on User Health (heart rate, skin temperature...).
Image from: MacRumors
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