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News Is The Securest Website In Moderating Passwords Is The Securest Website In Moderating Passwords
In A New Research about Moderating Passwords between 100 different commercial website Apple come in the first place with the final degree (100 point). The result show that apple is the only website which get 100/100 between all other websites so it become the securest website in Moderating Passwords.
The research which is made by "Dashlane" test 100 Commercial website with 24 different Standards Like accepting weak passwords or closing the account after 10 wrong attempts so this can stop hackers who use the Guessing method in hacking accounts.

Top 10 Commercial Websites In Moderating Passwords with their Points

  1. Apple: 100/100
  2. Newegg: 65/100
  3. Microsoft: 65/100
  4. Chegg: 65/100
  5. Target: 60/100
  6. Williams-Sonoma: 55/100
  7. CDW: 50/100
  8. Amway: 45/100
  9. Musician's Friend: 45/100
  10. Nike: 45/100
This research come after the result of the most used Passwords in the world, the past year most popular password was "Password" but this year it's "123456". 

According to "Dashlane" there are more than 55% of commercial websites accept these weak passwords like "123456" or "Password" and 51% of these websites don't stop users after 10 wrong attempts and 61% of these websites don't give suggestions to users to make their passwords more powerful and 93% of websites don't show users the level of security for their passwords. Is The Securest Website In Moderating Passwords Reviewed by amine khaoui on 1/25/2014 08:58:00 PM Rating: 5
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