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Meet The New BlackBerry Z30

Meet The New BlackBerry Z30

After months of absence, "BlackBerry" announced its new smartphone which will be called "Blackberry Z30" that support the 4G networks.
The new phone has a 5-inch display so it's the largest screen size between all BlackBerry phones but this can be a good choice for users who like moyen display size, another thing we should noticed is that blackberry z30 has the largest battery size between the other blackberry phones and work on the latest blackberry 10 platform "10.2" .

And according to "BlackBerry", the device has 1.7 GHz processor with quad-core graphics processor, and 2880 mAh battery capacity, able to run the device up to 25 hours of mixed usage.

The company include the smartphone with a new version, which is known as the (BlackBerry Hub), under the name: "BlackBerry Priority Hub", and this version is able to find out any talks or persons who are more important for the user, and this make an easier and faster access to the messages and informations they need, blackberry stated that the new version collects the messages with the importance from the email, social networking, and other accounts to give the user instant access to the most important conversations for him, in order to help user to organize and focus on the most important tasks.

Sound:  BlackBerry Z30 come with "Stereo" loudspeakers support the new blackberry technology called "BlackBerry Natural Sound", which is capable (According to the company), to give users a more natural experience and realistic sound.

Connecting: And for users who like traveling and going from place to other, this new phone has a new generation of blackberry connection Aerials which is able to synthesis the sended dynamically waves to give the user a better connection in weak signal areas, in addition to a faster data transfer.

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